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The pawn always goes home.

May 30, 2015 by packersfan12
Am I the only person that gets evicted every time I'm the so called "pawn"? LOL


Sent by Carriexoxo24xo,May 30, 2015
Every damn time!
Sent by Galaxies,May 30, 2015
It sucks honestly.
Sent by packersfan12,May 30, 2015
thats cause the pawn is never the pawn
Sent by Survivor8,May 30, 2015
I know, right? Survivor8
Sent by packersfan12,May 30, 2015
Sent by 1ry99,May 30, 2015
You were literally the pawn though lol
Sent by SuperFreak,May 30, 2015
I know how that feels packersfan12
Sent by FrankieJGrande,Aug 5, 2015

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