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Stars 249: My Awesome Experience

Aug 24, 2013 by packersfan12
I came into the game not knowing what to expect. Man, was I in for a rude awakening. On the first day I was attacked by everyone in the game, I had never experienced so much hate. So, obviously I went against TheAce for 16th. I stayed by 10% thankfully. Once I stayed I was approached by bryjow123 and vh1luvr15 for an alliance. By doing so I put myself in the best position. My name was never mentioned in another nom set until F8, when people wanted to flip on me and put me up for seventh against superman11. Somehow in the last 10 minutes the nomset switched. In final 7 the plan to put vh1luvr15 up for fifth went into place via bryjow123 and myself. Then, for fourth place the logical nom set was bryjow/bblover7, bryjow123 tried everything in his power to manipulate me and intimidate me so I wouldn't nom him. If this had occurred I was told by many that I'd go down as the dumbest stars player ever. There was no way that I was allowing anyone to go to finals unnommed. So, here I sit in finals with two great guys that deserve to win just like I do.


gl wes
Sent by alireza1373,Aug 24, 2013
Best of luck Wesley!
Sent by vh1luvr15,Aug 24, 2013
Thanks guys
Sent by packersfan12,Aug 24, 2013
Sent by xXPeytonX3,Aug 25, 2013
gl man :)
Sent by bigbrotherlover7,Aug 25, 2013
good luck wes
Sent by sprado91,Aug 25, 2013

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