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Stars Archetypes

Jul 14, 2009 by pablito
imageIn large stars alliances there are different roles. Which role do you play?

1) Leader - These are the ones at the top of the alliance. They make a lot of decisions and spread the word downward. They're also the ones that often get targetted first out of the alliance, because of their strong reputation. They have a core alliance, you just need to figure out who's in it. They are often charming and persuasive. They are good at making decisions and executing them. They are the most likely to gather some loyal soldiers.

2) Generals - These guys are loyal to the Leader(s) and often follow the Leader loyally thinking that they're in a f3 with the Leader. This may or may not be true, but they would rather stick with the core alliance rather than trying to figure out if they're closer to the bottom of the totem pole or not. They help the Leader make a decision, but they do not assert their own opinion. Their main goal is to keep the people in charge happy and sane. Some of them are really good at keeping the alliance altogether too. They will want to keep the alliance altogether as a cohesive unit because they know that if the alliance sticks together, they have a ride to f3. They actually know what the long-term plan is and will help executing it.

3) Scouts - They are good at spreading information around and will help the alliance find out how everyone is voting or any other information your team needs. A skilled scout can also spread around false information and keep the real nominations a secret. They have the best ties to people outside of the alliance and talk the most in the game. Most often you want these guys to "spread those noms around". There are two types of scouts - all game-talk/interrogators or sweet-talkers. Some ask everyone about gameplay and only talk game and others will get to know you well before they gain your trust to talk strategy. Scouts don't know what to do with the information they get, so they give it to the Leader or Generals. They are poor at executing plans because they worry about losing their information source, so they are generally loyal to the alliance. But if they ever flip, they take all the information sources/moles with them.

4) Loose Cannons - These are the players that are most likely to switch sides either in your favour or not. They will want a certain outcome and may be the most stubborn to give a vote, but if you can get this vote, you'll likely gain an extra vote or two. The difference between this role and the Leader, is that the Leader has enough people that are loyal. A Loose Cannon has never had the majority and must compromise to be in the majority. You can never be sure that a Loose Cannon will actually vote the way that s/he says so. But align tightly with one and keep him/her in check and you can control all the votes until s/he no longer has any power. You win or lose stars based on how well you can contain a Loose Cannon. Maintaining a Cannon's paranoia is key.

5) Content Soldiers - These guys give you firepower. They are a number and they are happy just to be with you. They are often friends and are the type "to have joined just because they saw you in the game". This makes them loyal to you at the end. They are also the types that just want anyone to snatch them up as a vote. Leaders will pick them up. By doing so, they will think that they have a good chance at f3 even though they're just going to be added to bottom of totem pole. Some know their position and just hope that they can be picked up later if the alliance eats itself up. Some are just content to be in top half and follow blindly. Some can be persuaded away to the counter-alliance. They generally have not joined along with any pre-mades and have been actively searching for an alliance mate since the moment they joined.

6) Free-floating votes (flavour) - These are the type of flavours that will vote how I damn please, and I don't need an alliance, I can do fine on my own. They know they go up, but they refuse to work with anyone unless they know it's advantageous. Part of it may be poor gameplay, part of it may be arrogance, part of it may be inexperience. They are more likely to survive because of their image and reputation from outside the game, not due to their gameplay in stars. They may vote strategically when they know it can save their ass, but otherwise they do not know how the votes lie and will vote on their own. They play a great public game, but no one outside of the game may know how they're playing inside the game. So therefore eviction results can be difficult to take in.

7) Guerrillas (flavour) - These are the players that have been working every single eviction to not go up. They are not in the majority alliance, but damn it, they will try anything and everything to avoid nomination to nomination. These are good players that know where the power lies, but the problem is that they don't have the power. They may have been a good player cast out of the majority and may have been a Leader type before. The difference is that they've never been in the majority or were taken out early enough. The public may respect their gameplay and tenacity, so they stay. But just don't be surprised if your majority suddenly switches around when a guerrilla survives an eviction. While many in their eviction speech try to look like they'll be a guerrilla fighter, few succeed.

Any other Stars archetypes you can think of?

ps: credit goes to my favourite stars professors Emmm, Arsen and Surs.


im probably a scout
Sent by JBX154,Jul 14, 2009
I tend to play the leader I guess.
Sent by JJJJ,Jul 14, 2009
scout def in stars 32 and i loved it
Sent by crazy342,Jul 14, 2009
+6 :D
Sent by haribo,Jul 14, 2009
I was a General for the first half of the game in Stars 29 and Leader for the second half.
Sent by xAdam93x,Jul 14, 2009
guerilla back intheday
Sent by Halfwit,Jul 14, 2009
Im 2-3.
Sent by yswimmer96,Jul 14, 2009
Wow. I know which one I'm considered after that last Stars. xD

To be fair, in my first Stars, I was a loose cannon. 8)
Sent by TheGreatXL,Jul 14, 2009
Haha #1 I am not...I guess I am #3.
Sent by PrincessTeePee,Jul 14, 2009
Yay im 5 and 8 (the outcast which no one apporaches) :P
Sent by azn_dude89,Jul 14, 2009
i'm the emperor
Sent by donkeypoon,Jul 14, 2009
I know what I am!
I think you described it all pretty reasonably!
Sent by chrissyhill01,Jul 15, 2009
what about ppl who aren't exactly generals but act like them until they see the chance to overthrow
Sent by Genevere,Jul 15, 2009
[02:13:45] Prof. Pabs: but I see that "backstabber" is just a general-loose cannon hybrid. it was a loose cannon that was turned into general and the leader never truly kept it together.
Sent by pablito,Jul 15, 2009
7 , I'm a flavour :(
Sent by sam_cutie567,Jul 15, 2009
Stars sounds so damn fun
Sent by Anton,Jul 15, 2009

Sent by imxrated93,Jul 15, 2009
a scout or a general. im a mix and i absolutley love it.
Sent by tommyg,Jul 15, 2009
General, does me well.
Sent by Cosgrove,Jul 15, 2009
I think I'm a 1 & 3 combo, it depends on who I'm playing with.
Sent by realitynerd,Jul 15, 2009
Stars 3: Content Soldier ;)
Sent by Msbd23,Jul 15, 2009
Can You send this to all of Stars 35, except with the 8th option of "Sheep"?

That last Stars I was #7 :(
Sent by David,Jul 15, 2009
Sent by crazyj11,Jul 15, 2009
Definatly a mix of Leader/General/(sometimes) Loose Cannon
Sent by Uskyld,Jul 15, 2009
probably a mixture of all of those!
Sent by Richpaca,Jul 15, 2009
Note: This only applies in large group alliances.

I consider Rich an excellent player in small alliances and I don't think we could ever put him in any of these categories as he can play them all.
Sent by pablito,Jul 15, 2009
Every Stars I played differently IMO
Sent by MarkiePoo,Jul 15, 2009
how about the outcast/sleeper? the one that people ignore and just dont say anything to. lol
Sent by J_Byrd,Jul 15, 2009
Sent by Mel_O_D,Jul 15, 2009
outcast = 6. If people ignore you, it's your fault for not getting in there. People want to talk to you if you try hard enough. Every vote counts.
Sent by pablito,Jul 15, 2009
Free floating... proud of it too :)
Sent by Emma,Jul 15, 2009

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