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Day 5 in The Hunger Games!

Jul 2, 2010 by pablito
imageNo deaths :( But next day it will be permanent daylight and the players will no longer need to seek! It will be done automatically. This makes sleeping all the more important.

Here's what happened today:

"Ooooh, a computer! and there's no one else around in the arena! Let me go and log in. Does it have internet? Yes!!! Ok, first order of business - order me a happy hour. Done. Jamaican rum is on its way. Second order of business, I need a proper sports bra, this standard issue one is chafing so bad. Ok, Dick's Sporting Goods. Type in .... Oh wait, that's not a sports store. Hrm. Mama likes. I didn't know guys could bend in that way!"

Choose where a medikit will fall in the arena!


I genuinely think you've lost it.
Sent by AlphaBravo,Jul 2, 2010
did i ever have it?
Sent by pablito,Jul 2, 2010
comment please
Sent by bigupboy,Jul 2, 2010

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