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Day 4 in The Hunger Games!

Jul 1, 2010 by pablito
imageNo Deaths!

Here's some overheard conversations:

"I heard you want an alliance."
"You were good out there, and if both of us take down the rest, we can go far."
"But then what happens after that. I bet you'll take me out before that."
"You have my word. Besides. Two bodies better than one in attacking. With only two lives and all."
"So then what happens when it's just us two?"
"Well we can either part ways and see who survives longer. Or we can do rock paper scissors and loser has to commit suicide."
"If that's your best offer, I guess I have to take it..."

"La la la la la la. I'm getting bored. There's no one yet to attack. Hrm. *Enters Diary Room* I don't get it. Why does John James have to bully me and attack me all the time? I wasn't even talking to him. No one bothers Rachael White. He's the one that thinks he'll get so much publicity when he leaves. He's being so fake! How can it be so hard to fancy a boy that won't even give you the time of day?!? Oh wait. what was that? I think someone's coming... Whew. Just the sound of the wind. I choose to nominate Sunshine and John James, obv."

Vote now to determine the next danger zone!


This is shit without me
Sent by Alex1991,Jul 1, 2010
pablito ^_^
Sent by Abrogate,Jul 1, 2010
Ikr, no one goes into the fake diary room anymore.
Sent by pablito,Jul 1, 2010
Dude, I fucking loved that book.
Sent by Sizzle_xD,Jul 1, 2010
join next one then sizzle
Sent by pablito,Jul 1, 2010
this is cool
Sent by Pepper,Jul 1, 2010

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