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Day 2 deaths in the Hunger Games!

Jun 29, 2010 by pablito
imagetommyboy was already exhausted. He'd been licking his wounds from a little spat he had the previous day. Apparently someone didn't like it when he tried on his suit.

In anger, he ran away. far far away. into the night. as dark as the night would take him. In the morning, he found himself away from the crowd. A special place where he could speak in Spanish and no one would judge him, verdad?

But in the distance, there was another figure. tommyboy didn't know what to do. With only one person around, there was the chance that he could get away scot free later on. But if the other person attacked him, that'd be the end of it all! But couldn't risk defending, so that meant he must attack.

Five minutes later, tommyboy was on the ground bleeding to death. Done in by his own logic. He fell to the counterattack by Alex1991. Dios mio.

From forth the fatal loins of these two foes
A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life...

The naive boy in love just didn't know what to do. She had just left him to dry. Even though he swore to always protect her. phanne was nowhere to be seen at that moment. He had no other choice. He had to find her. He swore his love, he swore his life, he swore on the life of their love child as well. Pregnant with her child, he had no way to reveal the truth. That AlphaBravo was carrying phanne's child and this is why he had to stick with her. But she didn't want anything to do with him, so how could he prove his love and devotion?

It didn't matter.

He'd perish for her. And he did. And unfortunately the unborn child he was carrying. phanne had no idea that he was there to protect her.

And the knife in AlphaBravo's back did not send the message clearly enough.

phanne was surprised. who would have done such a thing?

The cackles in the distance were of a male voice "luvsdrama. lol."

with his dying words, Alpha was able to say "slan go foill".

Off in the distance, the killer understood what was said.

Tataki13. He sat down. And waited until someone killed him. But what killed him was boredom. That and the wild wolves that tore him down as he sat waiting for death.

Determine what will disappear - the forests or the fields!


Sent by jarb1234,Jun 29, 2010
Sent by oleary91,Jun 29, 2010
Wow, this makes me sound like a cold hearted bitch.  :'(

I love you Alpha!
Sent by phanne,Jun 29, 2010

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