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Day 1 deaths in the Hunger Games!!!

Jun 28, 2010 by pablito
imageTwo players have died after the battles of Day 1 in the Hunger Games!

Run, run, run, run like the wind. Away from the cornucopia and away from the drama, Trey ran far far away. It was a valid strategy. Trey's strongest ability was making alliances but he knew there were no alliances to be made at the cornucopia.

The first night was tough. Trey knew that to survive, he would have to avoid others, but still be stealthy enough to attack. Trey figured that being this far away from most of the others would allow him some extra time to figure out what to do. But after only a short nap, and being empty handed, Trey had to figure something out. He had heard rustling in the leaves earlier that morning and knew that there were two others around in the area as well.

He couldn't tell who was around, but he saw one behind a rock and the other further away in the distance. Trey observed the one behind the rock and realized that that one was just a sitting duck. "All I'd have to do is just sneak up there and and take a rock and bash his head in. Then I can steal whatever he has on him."

Inch by inch, he went toward the rock. He observed every action. Unfortunately for Trey, sometimes sitting ducks sit for a reason. Trey thought he was coming up on an unexpecting tribute, but oleary91 was defending himself and lashed out against Trey right away!

Half-injured, Trey was in trouble already. But it was already too late. The Shaelynn came up behind Trey and strangled him to death. Trey was gone.

DreamPusher was careful. DreamPusher's strongest ability was to anticipate other's actions. One way that Dream was able to accomplish that was by hiding in the shadows of the cornucopia and watching everyone's actions. Dream knew that the best way to know how to move was to watch everyone and know where they were going next. Dream knew that if he could know the others' movements better than they did, he would be able to be at the right place at the right time.

When day hit, Dream knew exactly what to do. He saw who was weak, who was staying put and who was getting ready to attack. Unfortunately, this may have been Dream's biggest downfall.

Dream knew that there were plenty of people all around, but he saw the weakest of the bunch - Yoki. Dream ran toward Yoki expecting her to just take a punch to the gut and fall down. But little did Dream know that Yoki is smarter than the average bear. Yoki was ready for the attack and she was pretending to be weak. She was actually getitng into a defensive stance! Yoki quickly counterattacked DreamPusher and did damage. And when Dream was down, lilrigler38 came from behind and kicked Dream to death.

Today a medikit will be placed in the arena. Help choose where it should go!


yukky D:
Sent by connorthomson,Jun 28, 2010
smarter than the average bear?  O_o
Sent by phanne,Jun 28, 2010
Yogi, Yoki. get it?! I didn't even realize til after I wrote it. OMG, are these kids on tengaged too young to know who Yogi is? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh
Sent by pablito,Jun 28, 2010
Yes, I got it.  I can't believe you just got it O_o
Sent by phanne,Jun 28, 2010
:P lol I am smarter than the average bear thank you very much
Sent by Yoki,Jun 28, 2010
Apparently my writing abilities precede my ability to read jokes. I'm a natural, ladies and gentleman, my sense of humor is quicker than my actual intelligence.
Sent by pablito,Jun 28, 2010
lvs pabs
Sent by blazeofglory,Jun 28, 2010

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