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17thNov 5, 2018 by owlb0ned
so i finally got to meet one of my longest friends on here dru aka bengalboy when i went to manchester. we ended up just hanging out and playing fun drinking games for most of the first day considering i didn't get to my hotel until 8 pm. we made some tengaged related ones which were funny and i ended up getting wasted first since i failed at the game then we fucked and fucked again in the shower and i held onto the shower head and ended up breaking it off from climaxing. OOPS! but don't worry we continued on thru the night and ended with hollyoaks before bed. The next day we met up with bluestar and hung out at the mall and went to lunch. afterwards we went to the arcade and played for awhile which had this pacman themed air hockey table. i think my favourite part of the arcade was this bouncing egg we won cos it was so random and i loved it or when dru spanked me the whole time and kez didn;t notice. kez is really lovely and it was nice to meet her even though we never really talked much beforehand. then we went out pub crawling and after a few stops ended up at this metal club which was actually really fun tbf. then dru played with my puss until a bouncer kicked us out from vip. i'm not rlly a metal fan but it was enjoyable and didn't get home till like 5 am or so and then we fucked till we had to part. i had really great time with dru considering we've been friends almost the whole time that i've been on tengaged so it was good to finally meet after always saying that we would, i'll definitely have to do it again! :)

here's us plastered at the club


the story and the blog pic I literally cannot
Sent by peace123,Nov 5, 2018
yeah you did! (highfive)
Sent by BengalBoy,Nov 5, 2018

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