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Casting #153664

Jun 2, 2016 by oswordo3

After 7 years on tengaged I've finally gotten first 1st in a slow casting game, albeit I never really tried that hard to before.

A little thanks to everyone who made this possible by not doing quite as good as me.

Symmetry888 #robbed
Mikey197 #GoodHair
iFreddy #died
Stunzer #saladoil
jakefrost #died
me2013 #nocomment
iamremedy #20questionschampion
LinnyP #firstactiveout
Surrvivorr #died
BB17_25913 #died
TheBossofNXT #Firstdead
YoundAndReckless #Firstvotedout
BluJay112 #TheBoyWhoDidntDie
PMMGuy #irrelevantwhomadefinals
Thomas23ism #gonetoosoon
WrestlerIsGreatness #died
papanata #ShouldOfBeenGoneSooner
chillum #bleach

Ending Stats - 14/100/6867


Sent by LivvieBoo12,Jun 2, 2016
Sent by GentlemanG,Jun 2, 2016
Congrats on your win!  :)  Winning a Castings that had that many posts is impressive, I gotta say!
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Jun 2, 2016
14 keys?? OMG!
Sent by GrrrImABear,Jun 2, 2016
Grats those stats are amazing
Sent by chillum,Jun 2, 2016

and wow, I was actually only 300 behind you
Sent by Stunzer,Jun 2, 2016
slay oswordo3 I had fun playing
Sent by BluJay112,Jun 2, 2016
Congrats on your win, and I like my #20questionschampion
Sent by iamremedy,Jun 2, 2016
congrats :)
Sent by Symmetry888,Jun 2, 2016
why didnt you thank me
Sent by Jaxon,Jun 5, 2018

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