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  1. hey
  2. bradley is the most iconic survivor of all time
  3. this season of survivor is really bad
  4. i just watched survivor
  5. 47 years later
  6. is lorde worth seeing live
  7. good night friends
  8. hey
  9. britney is TOURING
  11. anyone want to join a 300th game frookies
  12. hey
  13. i literally just ate 4 granola bars in 30 minutes
  14. good night
  15. 15 karma for 3rd in stars?
  16. Guess my stars percentage
  17. hey
  18. hey
  19. please read my stars blog
  20. ~VOTE ME TO WIN STARS 478~
  21. how does it feel to live ur life as a square
  22. what should i eat for dinner
  23. hey
  24. good night friends
  25. No title
  26. are there ghost island spoilers yet
  28. Hi friends
  29. my roommate just came home
  30. hey friends
  31. good night friends
  32. wow congrats
  33. No title
  34. good night friends
  35. thank you 47.5%
  36. save me in stars
  37. good night friends
  38. good night friends
  39. i havent left my apartment in 3 days
  40. i won the stars raffle apparently

this season of survivor is really bad

Mar 8, 2018 by obscurity
are people actually saying it's good? wake up you fucking sheeple


I AM A NOSTALGIC ASSHOLE SO I AM LIVING FOR THIS SEASON. Not a fan of the first two episodes yet though...hopefully it picks up.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Mar 8, 2018
bluebarracuda its cheap nostalgia though. latest episode was better than the premiere though i guess
Sent by obscurity,Mar 8, 2018
im actually really enjoying this season so far and i feel like im one of the biggest cynics of current survivor on here
Sent by coolnarwhal88,Mar 8, 2018
obscurity my biggest issue right now is the editing, cause there are a handful I don't remember their names (and I'm someone who watches pre-show interviews, looks at casting spoilers, etc.) and don't get any airtime, like Chelsea, Bradley, Libby, and Angela. This newest episode allowed the latter 3 some airtime, but Chelsea has yet to be heard, except maybe in a challenge where she may have said "Watch out".

With the complaints of too many advantages recently though, I don't think now was the right time for this concept.
Sent by BlueBarracuda,Mar 9, 2018

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