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I don't get the obsession

1stFeb 14, 2020 by obey_me
With fares yes he might give you some T$ through his rookie multi charities but joining stars and using his multis to vote skimmilk4 because he was scared his multis might not hold up against a strong public vote is no achievement. fares you're a loser. Only pathetic people like you stoop that low. Do you have life outside tengaged?


Yeah but the thing is, skimm was probably his paw to evict the other 3, he wouldn't normally survive all 3 evictions with 60%+
Sent by FelipeS,Feb 14, 2020
Sent by FelipeS,Feb 14, 2020
Felipes  true. It's upsetting to see this happen to a clever player and not a cheat like fares
Sent by obey_me,Feb 14, 2020
Spill that tea!
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