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  1. In other news.
  2. This photo has
  3. He doesn't go to Uni. He dropped out.
  4. Akeria
  5. Poor
  6. Akeria
  7. All the poor people accusing
  8. You show my photo
  9. Do you sleep
  10. Fucking Retarded
  11. Listen here you two
  12. Akeria
  13. He lives in
  14. When
  15. It's the ME2 Movement
  16. I propose effective immediately
  17. Jack was 12 and she sent him nudes
  18. I stand with
  19. Attention
  20. Oh Love
  21. Yes I'm glad I could help.
  22. Making up lies
  23. The numbers don't lie
  24. Poor
  25. This prostitute stole $20 from me.
  26. Overwhelming support
  27. I stand with
  28. Fucking Retarded
  29. The ugly
  30. What 40yr old spends
  31. Well embarrassing
  32. He must think he is a Korean Pop Artist
  33. Don't worry about trash
  34. Overwhelming support
  35. I think I might do Stars signs
  36. Pic of my bath with red wine on holidays
  37. You couldn't afford
  38. I just got back from watching
  39. Stop attacking
  40. I find

Do you think I'm intimidatied

19thOct 30, 2019 by obey_me
imageBy A catfish suehappy and a wrinkly old pensioner starbursts posting my photos. Not at all.
Tracey, if I wanted to destroy you I would have. I have no interest in some aged care tragic.
Here is a photo just to remind how gorgeous you are (not)
Loving the 6 chins and piss stained cigarette hair.

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