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  1. Did I hear Holly?
  2. EyooMarcus
  3. Tysm EyooMarcus
  4. Thanks for finishing off
  5. Couldn't even win with multis and hacking accounts..
  6. You're a liar TessaBrooks. Iceey denied it.
  7. Gift Chance against TessaBrooks who
  8. So far only 3 people are in the chance
  9. Gift Chance against the hacker in stars
  10. Gift Chance against Tessabrooks who
  11. OMG they did the set I wanted
  12. Tracey Dorame below
  13. Do you think I'm bothered by two
  14. If you vote for
  15. Blitszims
  16. Jacksonjoseph99
  17. Rate this pic
  18. The Scum of tengaged
  19. Tracey Dorame
  20. Bryce Hacker Keesh
  21. The Hackers Blog and nommed For 8th.
  22. People like Tyler are holding this site up
  23. Don't forget Eilish
  24. :)
  25. How embarrassing to play stars every week
  26. I'm a hacker I help Bryan Jones play stars each..
  27. I would rather exit the game of stars than ask for..
  28. This site is run by hacking cheats
  29. You were mouthy the other day
  30. Bryce "hacker" Keesh
  31. Is there still 2nd place in Survivor?
  32. This is what mean
  33. abrogated is not thirteens brother
  34. On this day a tengaged record was set. See below. ..
  35. What a day to rejoice. I need to do some work...
  36. Alexavontrayne =
  37. 6.4% record low? Cheats never prosper
  38. Gift chance for anyone that votes
  39. Making finals through hacking
  40. treebro001

I can see the flip phone going wild now

Apr 7, 2019 by obey_me
Daddy get online and protect me. Meanwhile hubby is at work.  Apparently.


Sent by Harley,Apr 7, 2019
obey_me please confirm that it was neither I nor titos that sent you those texts!?
Sent by nijoco,Apr 7, 2019
nijoco no Tracey has sent every text.
Sent by obey_me,Apr 8, 2019
whateverthef wake up.
Sent by nijoco,Apr 8, 2019
whateverthef everything me and nijoco know, that bitch gave us
Sent by titos,Apr 8, 2019

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