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Muds survivor Group Game

4thMar 16, 2018 by obey_me
imageWas Flawed. He helped  sihz win a valuable immunity. sihz being as dumb as he is had no idea where the challenge was heading. I was one minute away from immunity and most likely sihz would have been next to go. Next minute without notice mudndawilderness goes silence for 12 minutes. Next minute sihz comes back and wins immunity with a guess from nowhere.
mudndawilderness  admitted he helped him.

Shame!!! I wish I hadn't of joined this flawed group game.

Ps check the facts it's in the group game
What were you doing in those 12 minutes

mudndawilderness has gone to a low and divulged my skype.
He is reported so I I'm sure he will be banned for harrassing. Fancy getting 6 people to fight your battles. Cheat. You have made me question my life and made me suicidal from what you have done.

I hope you're satisfied getting people to abuse me :(


mudndawilderness excuse was he was helping Sergio hash over questions and figure out what had been said.  Total rigging of the challenge.  That is FACT! mudndawilderness helped Sergio beat me when Sergio who had no idea what was happening. Other times mudndawilderness changed the times of votes, challenges without notifying people in advance.
Sent by obey_me,Mar 17, 2018
Sent by donosaurus_rex,Mar 17, 2018
Bro how many times you gonna tag them in one blog?
Sent by MJFJUNE,Mar 17, 2018
You even tag him in the comments? Are you trying to get him top trending cuz idk if that works?
Sent by Kaseyhope101,Mar 17, 2018
IM so sorry to hear this, you deserve justice. Keep your head up high your frat loves you.
Sent by Corey54321,Mar 17, 2018

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