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  1. Would like to wish my good friend
  2. Well Done to Senator Murphy
  3. Gift Chance Winner
  4. Obviously Ametrine
  5. Australian Googlebox watch it.
  6. Can someone tell me how this happens?
  7. I will gift someone
  8. Funny how some fools still neg and try to begrudge..
  10. wizardprism1994
  11. Please come to the new frat guys xx
  12. I will not be fighting
  13. Blank
  14. BLANK
  15. Blank
  16. 馃憢馃憢馃憢馃憢馃憢馃憢馃憢馃憢馃憢馃憢
  17. BLANK
  18. Blank
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Feb 8, 2018 by obey_me
I hope Karma catches up with you. You think it's funny to make fun of the dead. Writing
Haha good I'm happy she's dead
Sent by wizardprism1994,Feb 8, 2018 on amartins blog about sammyforeverr94
Evil idiot.


Oh hes wished death on my children and everything. Doesn't help that he's in his mid 20s.
Sent by AshlynArehart,Feb 8, 2018
ashlynarehart mid twenties? Does he have multis? No hope for him.
Sent by obey_me,Feb 8, 2018
obey_me No I don't think he has multis, but something is wrong with him. Mentally that is.
Sent by AshlynArehart,Feb 8, 2018
ashlynarehart STFU your always bullying me
Sent by wizardprism1994,Feb 8, 2018
wizardprism1994 You come at my family, and I'm the bully? Yeah get out of here with your poor grammar and victim ways. LOL
Sent by AshlynArehart,Feb 8, 2018
ashlynarehart message me
Sent by wizardprism1994,Feb 9, 2018

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