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  1. So tbh I told my school aged kids about stars
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  3. A bitch really just made finals their first stars
  4. Also let鈥檚 play guess my percentage! Winner gets..
  5. Before any results are revealed
  6. 馃寛 Thank you 79.5%!! 馃寛
  7. Thank You 76.3%!!
  8. It鈥檚 my 21st birthday in 2 hours
  9. TONIGHT ON 1984 - Cards against humanity...
  10. I鈥檝e never played stars...
  11. So I鈥檓 in 1984
  12. Who else鈥檚 birthday is in November?
  13. Hey beauties!
  14. 4 spots left!!
  15. Is anyone on this website
  16. I performed at Pride tonight
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  24. "You have a tattoo of the atmosphere"
  25. 5 spots left!
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  34. Can we just take a moment
  35. I'm giving you what absolutely no one asked for.
  36. I just made a
  37. A lot has happened in the past 5 months.
  38. I just accidentally lit a pan of oil on fire
  39. I performed at pride!
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This pretty much sums up my mental health.

Aug 19, 2018 by nikw98
"I wake up and all the bad things are forgotten. All of the negative thoughts and feelings are washed away. It's a clean slate. Then, as time passes, I feel like I'm underwater and I can't breathe. All I want to do is drown and give up. So many emotions that are so difficult to understand and explain resurface. I remember why I was so sad the night before. Why i wanted to cry myself back to sleep and wake up again. I cry when I'm alone. I don't want anyone to think anything is wrong. When people are near, I hold it in. Pretend that I have no capability of having sad emotions. When I lay in bed, next to the person I love more than anything, I feel my emotions screaming to break free. I can see each of them hitting and kicking the glass wall I have built to keep them away. It's cracking. It's about to break and if it does, I'll do something I'll regret. I'll hurt one of the only people that cares. So I do the only rational thing I can. I go to sleep...
I wake up and all the bad things are forgotten. All of the negative thoughts and feelings are washed away. It's a clean slate."
- Nik W.


Omg wow <3 this is amazing
Sent by 2388,Aug 19, 2018

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