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FS: TB - R8

Feb 11, 2019 by nikolalundberg
Another inact got voted out. Time to go back to camp and react to the vote out. michland143 got voted out by a unanimous vote of 3-0. It’s a TC reaction.

Come on in guys! There will be an IC. Until it’s ready, you can chat in the Walu Tribe chatzy. Like I said, there will be a challenge for immunity. It is amongst the most simple challenges we’ve had in Fearless Survivor: The Bahamas. All you need to do is solve an island jigsaw puzzle and mail message me a screenshot of it completed to win immunity. Comment in the blog post saying you’re ready. Survivors ready... go!

Nobody was active, therefore nobody completed the IC. All of the contestants will draw rocks to see who will win immunity. SlipperyNoodle draws the white rock, while all the others drew black rocks. SlipperyNoodle wins immunity while being inact. Unbelievable. You have immunity and can not be voted out. Everybody else, somebody will be the 9th person voted out and the 2nd member of our jury. SlipperyNoodle, it won’t be you. Carrotboyo joined but left right away and didn’t complete the IC. If I’m not there right away, and it’s somewhat around the active time frame, stay active for like a half hour (30min.) and if I’m still not there, then leave.

Go back to camp and S/S. This is your last chance to socialize and strategize before tribal. Remember, to S/S individually, you need to mail message your tribe mates.

There is tribal council. PLEASE BE ACTIVE!

Only one person voted. I’ll read the vote. Ninth person voted out of Fearless Survivor: The Bahamas and the 2nd member of our jury... Rob66. Rob66, the tribe has spoken. Time for you to go. The last complete inactive got eliminated. With only a few days left, it’s time to start being active and play. Go back to camp.

Always check the original blog post for general updates about the game (“Fearless Survivor Season 1: The Bahamas.”)

Contestants Competing

Walu Tribe
- Carrotboyo
- gumball221520
- Haykee
- mbarnish1
- SlipperyNoodle
- TaraG

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