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Lots of game players in in game # 7192

Sep 17, 2008 by nikki47
Lots of drama and craziness going on now. It is ridiculous, its only been about 30 mins and its out of control.
A lot of people in this house are SHAMS. They are just gameplayas and are here for the karma point cheque at the end. This is not about being someones best friend, it is about winning but some people take it too far.
Matty and Bex have known each other previously and are shams. I don't trust them one bit. Game players all of them.


I posted something in my current game earlier today that kinda pertains to what you have brought up:
I also encourgage everyone in the cast to heed a general rule that I have found helpful in my past games.  Be very weary of anyone who offers you an alliance right off the bat without even knowing you, because they are making the allinace to benfeit them, and not both of you.  Even with friends I have made, I don't talk about alliances until the first day has passed, because often people will change their tune depending on who is HoH.  Something to think about.....
When people start making deals right away (looks like it was in the first 30min of your game!!!) things can get a little "ridiculous".  I think sometimes people lose sight of the bigger picture which is getting to know the people in your cast.
Sent by Grayson10001,Sep 17, 2008
Nikki47  I think you are a genuine person.  There are tons of gameplayers here the most obvious one being TOBIAS.
Sent by Kathreya,Sep 18, 2008
Oh you are so right.. lol my game is full of gameplayas, total drama fest!
Sent by sacredbitch,Sep 18, 2008
Aren't there ten game playerse in all games?
Sent by stiano,Sep 18, 2008
Kathreya yew are only in it for the cheque, memba I told you hun.
Sent by Jensa101,Sep 18, 2008
what's wrong with "gameplayas" it's a game. you play a game. this isn't friendship connection. unless there's some other meaning behind "gameplayas" that I'm not familiar with.
Sent by vroomdeux,Sep 18, 2008
urban dictionary on gameplayer:
A person that plays games, like mind games with others
Sent by stiano,Sep 18, 2008
I just think that this isn't an environment that I think was created to promote betrayal and evilness. It doesn't have to get dirty and nasty in order to have fun or to win. So why are people doing it in every game?  just think there needs to be more honesty.

Game players can be derived as that from a dictionary but it could also just be a sly person in a game doing whatever to win even if it hurts someone.
Sent by nikki47,Sep 18, 2008
my thoughts: deception is part of the game. when someone claims to be "hurt" by someone lying to him, they clearly don't understand how the game works. if there was no lying, this game would be boring.
Sent by vroomdeux,Sep 20, 2008

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