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Kanye West is classless and rude

Sep 13, 2009 by nikki47
He is a horrible human being for what he's done to poor innocent Taylor Swift. She's so classy and amazing and took that with grace. Her performance was also so amazing and memorable.

Taylor Swift <333


He really is disgusting, I thought this loooong before this incident, however
bitch thinks hes jesus or some shit
Sent by Knagaroo,Sep 13, 2009
Taylor Swift<3333
Sent by Blondie9122,Sep 13, 2009
i cant stand him he is a selfish little dickhead.
i remember at the vmas one year he was up for like 6 nominations didnt win one and when the last award was delivered and he didnt win, he wlaked out straight away. SO RUDE
Sent by Brittany24,Sep 13, 2009
Oh please. Kanye was just saying what everyone else in the world was thinking.
Sent by AlexDeGale,Sep 13, 2009
plussed!! your so right!
I need more hot girls like U for my new group please apply!!
Sent by Blair1239,Sep 13, 2009
That was soooo rude! :O her first award for MTV, he steals the spotlight made taylor, himself, and beyonce look bad! She ran out of time to talk because he took it all! bitch
Sent by nasmay1,Sep 13, 2009
i know it's terrible. her first award and spotlight and this happens? horrible =[
Sent by nikki47,Sep 13, 2009

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