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  1. Imagine president of anti-bullying
  2. When you're still bitter enough
  3. Just leave me and Franky alone please.
  4. Hot Line Bling
  5. Not a single valentine today lol
  6. Jesus take the wheel
  7. When uni call to say you owe them 400 pounds
  8. Happy Valentine's Day
  9. Take the man, slay the game
  10. I need someone to talk to
  11. Love or hate me I don't care
  12. You are the best
  13. looking for a frooks team
  14. 0/13 in frooks
  15. Stand up for your friends
  16. Dev
  17. Addmecontacts
  18. 馃惙馃惛
  19. Don't look at me plz.
  20. I literally give no shits what y'all think
  21. Does anyone actually like me?
  22. Anyone who still thinks I'm the premade
  23. This isn't a chairty
  24. Me when i was off for 3 hours and get blogged..
  25. 3ts bet on me last time
  26. ASK ME TIME <3
  27. We need to talk
  28. someone join rooks
  29. Wrong lol
  30. Just 1 more for Rubes and Jocos Drag Race
  31. Just 3 more for Rubes and Jocoa Drag Race
  32. Gift me so rubes doesn't keep showing me up please
  33. GOOP- We are STUNNING
  34. Me and my best Judy- Iconic.
  35. Calling Out Dannys Pure Bullshit
  36. 4 more
  37. 3 13ths!!!!
  38. 2 13th places in a week
  39. So you know theres a premade in a game..
  40. Someone gave out my skype....卢_卢


Jul 7, 2018 by nijoco
So many of them here
where the bears at!?


Sent by flyfly456,Jul 7, 2018
Right here
Sent by FireWolf,Jul 7, 2018

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