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Big Brother and online Hunger games.

(pyn) what did they tell me about you

20thNov 29, 2021 by nenalalala
Maxi1234 You have a goat in the basement, they told me that sometimes you do hidden magic with Amandabynes

Kindred7 Supposedly you have been seen buying a mocacchino at the starbucks on fifth avenue in New York

zachbbs They told me that you have been selling meat to vegans, telling them that your products were soy-based

Jengaged You were hired to play a role in a Star + series but have been turned down due to lack of pay and low wages

hwest14 You had a recent acne and your doctor thought it was an ITS, the truth is that it lacks professionalism today

Tryphena You were meeting weeks ago with a group of punk people, dressed in black and with piercings all over their faces, I'm proud of you

skyler1822 It's been days since they saw you with a new boy that nobody knows anything about but you know that you are super excited about a happy ending, I must tell you to do what makes you happy

AmandaBynes they saw you make a voodoo doll to make Mr. hunty go crazy and keep the chaos in this place full of roses

abstractjay They found you smoking weed in the parking lot lying to people that it's just a healing herb to make your headache go away


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oh yes
Sent by Tryphena,Nov 29, 2021
sure lol
Sent by skyler1822,Nov 29, 2021
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Sure hahahahaha
Sent by systrix,Nov 30, 2021
Now what the fuck is this
Sent by Hunty,Nov 30, 2021

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