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You better work b*tch Feb 4, 2022
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Estas atacando gente española Feb 4, 2022
#Funnehliner  y luego no queres que te llamemos racista o xenofobico , danos mas asi queda en claro que por ser españoles no nos quieres
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the group gay fascists (sjws) Feb 3, 2022
They already retired or went to create size 0 clothes for their dull dolls?
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if you had nothing to hide Feb 3, 2022
you wouldn't be using your power to delete blogs
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deleting my blogs? Feb 3, 2022
if you are going to hide something that is not your taste of being a pedophile
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it doesn't even surprise me Feb 3, 2022
that you are a user who likes minors smoothstalker12
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