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*Designs* Dec 3, 2021
For the people who have been asking me if I will design something for Christmas I must say that I am busy and it is not a theme that catches my attention, but you can contact my friends Malamente SeongWoo iScotty Rodulph if you need something, thank you very much
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i'm not surprise Dec 3, 2021
That more than a friend of tg speak ill of maxi1234 I honestly did not believe them but they are right, it looks like a mosquito brain, it does not know how to think for itself
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Not Talented people criticize me Dec 3, 2021
Should I make fun of your avatars with eating disorders and brittle hair? his designs encourage anorexia and people who are neglected in their image
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Lemjam6 Dec 2, 2021
lemjam6 one time I walked into the hunger and he does  my comps (words) for humiliate Bluejay7622 and he did it ! How shameless!
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Me coffee in starbucks Dec 2, 2021
Nenalala's version
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Heavenlee Dec 2, 2021
Trying do my life unhappy and I am all fun and cute 馃グ
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