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Nate's Movie Taste [APPS]

Jul 31, 2022 by nateclove
Hey all so I'm deciding to do a Movie Taste Game that you've seen here and there around TG!

Its basically a game where every round you submit a movie that fits the given theme and I watch them all and then eliminate someone!

If you're interested in playing just comment below!

01. Newnightmare7
02. NanoNerd
03. turkeylover
04. pennytrationstan
05. Symmetry888
06. JayElVeeIsBack
07. oswordo3
08. Thirteen
09. coolKat
10. ChrisParker13

Looking for a small cast of 10 but I can work with even less it rlly doesnt matter.



hi me pls
Sent by Symmetry888,Jul 31, 2022
Are those 4 playing? If so sign me up lol
Sent by JayElVeeIsBack,Jul 31, 2022
Sent by oswordo3,Jul 31, 2022
Sent by Thirteen,Jul 31, 2022
Sent by coolKat,Jul 31, 2022
a 9 person cast slays anyways! I'm eager to start :3

Sent by nateclove,Jul 31, 2022
Wait no please!!!
Sent by ChrisParker13,Jul 31, 2022
sure no probs I'll add you! ChrisParker13
Sent by nateclove,Jul 31, 2022
I like movies
Sent by Coolbrandonman,Aug 2, 2022
Aw I’m late :(
Sent by Coolbrandonman,Aug 2, 2022

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