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Celebrity Drag Race Simulator 9 - RESULTS

Nov 8, 2021 by nateclove



🌺 Episode 1:
The six newbies that enter the room are SHOOK to see six returning fan favorites! Sean immediately says that f*cked up and starts cussing out the producers. Everyone comments that he’s being unprofessional. During the challenge its clear that the newbies and the returnees against each other, but Judy Greer attempts to befriend people on both sides.

Challenge: Design Challenge
Runway: From Trash to Treasure

High: Judy Greer, Hugh Jackman
Win: Jessica Simpson
Low: Tayce
Btm 2: Cesar Chavez, Sean O'Pry

Lipsync Song: Breezeblocks by alt-J (∆)
Elim: Sean O'Pry [ imprincearthur]

🌺 Episode 2:
Dhar Mann makes a comment about why women shouldn’t vote, which leaves a bitter taste in everyone’s mouths. The newbies comment that Rita Ora is acting too stuck up and Jessica Simpson jumps to her side and says there’s nothing wrong with that. Tayce cries backstage after receiving bad critiques and the returnees try to offer her uplifting comments.

Challenge: Ball Challenge
Runway: 80s Realness, Y2K Girlies and Future of Drag

High: Rita Ora, Jessica Simpson
Win: Zendaya
Low: Dhar Mann
Btm 2: Grace Jones, Tayce

Lipsync Song: Demonic by Namasenda
Elimi: Tayce [ Jouix]

🌺 Episode 3:
Grace Jones comments that she’s been playing it too safe and is ready to win a challenge. Madelaine Petsch gets into an argument with Ali Bonico, who says she was attacked by 3 Arab men, but Madelaine says she doesn’t believe her. Cesar Chavez says he’s ready to turn out the lipsync if he happens to land in the bottom again. Everyone attacks Dhar Maan in Untucked after his misogynistic comments finally reach their peak. Rita Ora shouts “GO HOME BITCH!”

Challenge: Acting Challenge
Runway: Wild Wild West

High: Zendaya, Madelaine Petsch
Win: Rita Ora
Low: Cesar Chavez
Btm 2: Grace Jones, Dhar Mann

Lipsync Song: Life Could Be Sweet by Ayla D’Lyla & Miss Madeline
Elim: Dhar Mann [ J4ckWilko]

🌺 Episode 4:
Hugh Jackman says he is sick and tired of being safe in this competition. Jessica Simpson and Grace Jones have a huge argument. Madelaine regrets choosing to do Camilla Cabello for snatch game, but Zendaya says she doesn’t regret doing Bella Thorne even though she flopped. Jessica Simpson however sobs hysterically after receiving bad critiques.

Challenge: Snatch Game!
Runway: Comic Book Queens

High: Grace Jones, Rita Ora
Win: Cesar Chavez
Low: Madelaine Petsch
Btm 2: Zendaya, Jessica Simpson

Lipsync Song: Stupid Boy by Slayyyter & Big Freida
Elim: Zendaya [ Kindred7]

🌺 Episode 5:
Judy Greer seems to be the only one getting along with both returnees and newbies. Things escalate to an explosion where all the newbies and returnees viciously read each other and scream and shout so loud that security must get involved. Rita Ora and Ali Bonico especially go at it, to the point where security has to lock them in separate rooms across the building. Cesar Chavez accuses Hugh Jackman of spitting on him but there is no proof.

Challenge: Design Challenge
Runway: Outfits made from plastic and scrap metal

High: Grace Jones, Jessica Simpson
Win: Madelaine Petsch
Low: Judy Greer
Btm 2: Ali Bonico, Rita Ora

Lipsync Song: London Bridge by Fergie
Elim: Ali Bonico [ Mrkk]

🌺 Episode 6:
Madelaine Petsch says that the newbies and returnees will never get along, but Judy Greer says in her confessional that she has hope they’ll all get along. Rita Ora and Grace Jones once again argue, but they stop after Jessica Simpson confesses her love to Hugh Jackman and he viciously rejects her by calling her a bimbo blonde wh*re.

Challenge: Comedy Challenge
Runway: Camp Couture

High: Grace Jones, Rita Ora
Win: Judy Greer
Low: Madelaine Petsch
Btm 2: Hugh Jackman, Jessica Simpson

Lipsync Song: Chiwawa by Anne Horel
Elim: Hugh Jackman [ turkeylover]

🌺 Episode 7:
Everyone says that they think Cesar Chavez should go home, causing him to cry on stage and cuss them out in untucked. Madelaine Petsch says she will be happy to be in the bottom this week in order to send him home. Jessica Simpson comments that she doesn’t think Grace Jones should win this challenge, but Judy Greer comes to her defense and says her concept was miles ahead of everyone else.

Challenge: Makeover Challenge
Runway: Drag Sister Resemblance

High: Judy Greer, Jessica Simpson
Win: Grace Jones
Low: Rita Ora
Btm 2: Madelaine Petsch, Cesar Chavez

Lipsync Song: June Gloom by Allie X
Elim:  Madelaine Petsch [ Jameslu]

🌺 Episode 8:
Rita Ora points out that everyone in the top 5 has won a challenge so far and the competition is extremely close. Cesar Chavez says he is ready to beat everyone in this challenge, but everyone just rolls their eyes and ignore him. Jessica Simpson and Grace Jones put aside their differences. Rita Ora apologizes to the newbies for the way she treated them and Judy Greer comments that she’s happy everyone is finally getting along.

Challenge: Remix Challenge
Runway: Best Drag

High: Judy Greer
Win: Cesar Chavez
Low: Grace Jones
Btm 2: Rita Ora, Jessica Simpson

Lipsync Song: All Night by Bree Runway
Elim: Rita Ora [ Maxi1234]

🌺 Episode 9: FINALE

The final four will lipsync for the crown!
🌼 PAIR #1: Cesar Chavez vs. Jessica Simpson
LIPSYNC SONG: Vacation Bible School by Ayesha Erotica

Winner: Cesar Chavez!
Eliminated: Jessica Simpson [ PennyTrationStan]

🌼 PAIR #2: Grace Jones vs. Judy Greer
LIPSYNC SONG: Backstabber by Kesha

Winner: Judy Greer!
Eliminated: Grace Jones [ Talian]


Ladies, I have made my decision! The WINNER of Nate Clove's Drag Race Season 9 is
🌹🌸💮 JUDY GREER! #NewNightmare7 💮🌸🌹

Congrats to #NewNightmare7 on being the first person to win TWO seasons! Shook!

Additionally, the celebs have been voting and the winner of Miss Congeniality is
TAYCE! #Jouix Congrats!

This season slayed! The chart was iconic and the cast was so fun! Also next season will be the last who cried I know I did! :(



where’s the credit for the cast photo you bitch
Sent by turkeylover,Nov 8, 2021
I literally made it??? Thanks for the font though! turkeylover
Sent by nateclove,Nov 8, 2021
Rita Ora has some powers with her words, literally sent me home the week she told me to
Sent by J4ckWilko,Nov 8, 2021
i was robbed but whew what a chart
Sent by ILoveSleep,Nov 8, 2021
Sent by Jameslu,Nov 8, 2021
You gotta be shitting me only 2 episodes 😭 Happy for miss congeniality though
Sent by Jouix,Nov 8, 2021
Sent by NewNightmare7,Nov 8, 2021
Sent by Talian,Nov 8, 2021
Sent by Maxi1234,Nov 9, 2021

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