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Go jakey! Nov 10, 2018
Stars Support
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Light Green peeps!! Nov 9, 2018
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Who else is the Michigan Wolverines fan? <33 Nov 3, 2018

NCAA Football!!
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I've been hiding this for a while Oct 31, 2018
but ever since I was 2, I have had a major social disability called ASD or Autism/Aspergers. When I was young, my behavior problems became worse and worse since I didn't know how to behave myself. I feel like I shouldn't live in any kind of planet cuz of my anxiety problems. I got picked on, made fun of cuz of my disability. Now ever since high school, my problems have decreased as I feel more behaved than ever before but I still struggle with anxiety and social problems. Just because you have a severe social disability like ASD does not stop you from doing the things you do. If you would like to learn more about the Autism Spectrum or on how have I faced my fear of anxiety and ASD, just mail me and I'll answer you ASAP. Thanks :)
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Stars Support!! Oct 27, 2018
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I don't care who you are Oct 23, 2018
But if you're going to ruin a single charity just don't join a game. But if you want to go far in a charity game that is not yours, at least work with them so you can earn your karma and your T'$ too. It's that simple!
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