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Hotel and Roanoke

Nov 13, 2019 by morseka3
Are the only AHS seasons I haven鈥檛 seen.. what should I watch next?


Those are arguably the 2 worst seasons, but this season airing on AHS now (1984) might become bottom 2 with Roanoke.

If you want a decent season, I'd watch Hotel. It has a VERY slow start, and when I say VERY...I mean it lol. Once the storyline picks up however, it gets really interesting in my opinion.

Roanoke wasn't completely awful, it just got cheesy and dumb imo. Definitely the worst season when compared to the others
Sent by Ethan000,Nov 13, 2019
Ethan000 thank you!! I鈥檓 actually enjoying 1984 but idk I might be the only one lol
Sent by morseka3,Nov 13, 2019
morseka3 Haha no you aren't the only one :p I think I just didn't like the direction they went with it?? I won't say exactly what just because I don't want to spoil you in case you aren't caught up, but I felt like it had so much potential
Sent by Ethan000,Nov 13, 2019
Sent by PaigeScavo,Nov 13, 2019
Roanoke was alright. Never seen hotel.
Sent by EmzThorne,Nov 13, 2019
hotel is really bad

i enjoyed Roanoke until the final episode ignore the haters i have good taste
Sent by Simplyobsessed,Nov 13, 2019
Recently i took a quiz and the bottom 2 seasons were Cult & 1984
Roanoke wasn't that good, It was too cringe, The only good part was Lana Winters

& Hotel was okay just gives murder House Vibes but in a Hotel
Sent by adamslater19,Nov 13, 2019
Roanoke is better
Sent by Chic,Nov 13, 2019
me when roanoke is my fave season... just ignore the last ep of roanoke
Sent by paul028,Nov 13, 2019

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