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  1. a lot of the ppl fatshaming nowadays
  2. If there was a black person in this stars
  3. PYN and I'll say how ud do on Bad Girls Club
  4. Can Kandee change the casting/fasting logo too
  5. My opinion on every Family Guy character:
  6. Ppl come & go, while I stay and conquer
  7. Let that man rest. Y'all crackers
  8. y do ppl only login to join stars?
  9. y do yall like Cupcakke?
  10. Who's Megan? What's her claim to t-fame
  11. How about we ban real proven racists
  12. Comment your fave celebs!
  13. Do people on the Challenge even get paid?
  14. Anybody who plussed that nude design
  15. I will never join Stars. I repeat never.
  16. Zuelke's pronounced "Zool-kee" ?
  17. Do people get paid for Spotify streams?
  18. I am craving Popeyes rn
  19. im gonna watch rpdr so i can make more
  20. Is this Survivor season good?
  21. If RuPaul puts Pearl on an All Stars season
  22. How was everyone's high school experience?
  23. & if u call a black a racial slur
  24. Ppl talking trash about Day need 2 understand
  25. I don't recall ever sending a nude
  26. There should be a stars for all color levels
  27. gotta watch rpdr since shangie and kennedy
  28. My favorite ANTM models by season
  29. If I was a mod, I'd make racism result
  30. 3 things that stayed constant bout tg over
  31. If you support a racist, you're 1 too
  32. Who should I vote to win Stars?
  34. Im stalking shops waiting 4 that Tiff Haddish
  35. Do yall think Johnny's racist for getting rid
  36. Nobody black's on the hot or not tg edition
  37. What if Andy got Paul'd and GM
  38. Ross and Mark are jumping Omarosa on twitter
  39. BB fans were calling Omarosa racist
  40. Ive come to peace with ppl negging my blogs

pyn if you want a positive opinion

Jan 1, 2018 by mocallio
only post if you blog frequently bc i definitely only know frequent bloggers on here now lol

Sparky4444 You're so nice and I think your skype said you're 14. If that's true, then you're so mature for your age!

Darbe you seem so popular on here without trying! Not sure if it's a good thing at all to be tg popular since this site's all crackhead idiots lol, but you're lucky to have a large supportive group of friends :).

harrywasnak your blog pic makes me wanna get to know you lol! I always get annoyed when marginalized groups attack other marginalized groups.

Thirteen You're the only one on this site who makes great vlogs lol :/

hisoka The only news I heard about you is you allegedly called someone the n word, so

Correct me if I'm wrong, please! lol

GoodKaren You picked a great gif to be your staple gif.

CalebDaBoss I hope whatever terminal condition your grandpa has goes away :/.


well we met yesterday lel
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