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  1. BYE
  2. As much satisfaction I got from making my
  3. I'm not racist, I had a white friend in 2016
  4. I'm not friends w any active white users
  5. This site's got racists, pedos, bullies, &..
  6. I know this site's full of idiots, so pls neg
  7. When I was younger, all the pretty ppl were
  8. Is xxxten dead?
  9. I want the following archetypes on BB20:
  10. pyn for an opinion
  11. Should I go to IHop or Chipotle
  12. Im not dating anyone unless I get a check
  13. Yikes I just realized my mom still tracks
  14. I'll pay $10 to any tger who deletes all my blogs
  15. Who cares if someone doesnt have friends irl
  16. Also, I'm not finna give rando my credit card info
  17. Guess what my job is
  18. I've given up on online friends at this pt
  19. Why's "autistic" being used as an..
  20. Tengaged's got a lot of racists
  21. Since we're all blacks on the blogs page, let me
  22. Comment your fave tengagers who quit tg
  23. Nobody on this site can call me irrel
  24. Im not listening to that Kanye album
  25. Who'd wanna be friends w a grown man
  26. If u're in ur 20s arguing with a teen,
  27. Idk how adults keep online friends
  28. Message me who the real tg racists are
  29. So what does tg think of RoseMulet's music?
  30. I support all black people on this site
  31. Who's gonna watch Total Drama Daycare?
  32. Did any1 go to church today? Comment if u did
  33. How was Survivor this season?
  34. I forgot I have haters on here
  35. Somebody was stabbed to death
  36. My 10 year tg anniversary is coming. Omg.
  37. Which survivor seasons do yall recommend
  38. Damn the KKK really negged my last blog!
  39. 2000ts and i dont even wanna spend 1/2 of 1
  40. I'm too cute for this site (042618)

pyn if you want a positive opinion

Jan 1, 2018 by mocallio
only post if you blog frequently bc i definitely only know frequent bloggers on here now lol

Sparky4444 You're so nice and I think your skype said you're 14. If that's true, then you're so mature for your age!

Darbe you seem so popular on here without trying! Not sure if it's a good thing at all to be tg popular since this site's all crackhead idiots lol, but you're lucky to have a large supportive group of friends :).

harrywasnak your blog pic makes me wanna get to know you lol! I always get annoyed when marginalized groups attack other marginalized groups.

Thirteen You're the only one on this site who makes great vlogs lol :/

hisoka The only news I heard about you is you allegedly called someone the n word, so

Correct me if I'm wrong, please! lol

GoodKaren You picked a great gif to be your staple gif.

CalebDaBoss I hope whatever terminal condition your grandpa has goes away :/.


well we met yesterday lel
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