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  1. If Hopelessly was sung by Adele, it'd be a ww hit
  2. I love my 4 kids more than life itself
  3. 2Evolution, I'm very bright FYI
  4. Ppl are negging tgers for having degrees now
  5. Nice doing business w you, LoveWazika
  6. Ofc youre eating fried chicken
  7. That devil worshipper better pray im offline
  8. rich white people steal trans' jobs rat
  9. That's why you got no comments reptile
  10. XxLoveWakizaxX, stfu you dumb rat
  11. Dav and Etienne are both too successful to be..
  12. Watching CBBUK dumbs me down and makes
  13. Anyone who doesnt think weed's a drug
  14. Skype chats are filled with fake rats imo
  15. A few slept on songs imo:
  16. A lot of these utubers seem satanic
  17. When was I ever racist Brain?
  18. .
  19. Why am I getting accused of racism?
  20. .
  21. I was in the mood to quit tg this morning
  22. If I posted that I was going on a date
  23. did any active tgers get their nudes leaked?
  24. I've done 11:11 before any of you were born
  25. Aint 11:11pm the only 11:11
  26. Then again, I can't blame rando too much
  27. Germany's not a racist country, tf. LMAO
  28. My blogs are all for entertainment,
  29. have any tgers met up irl to fight
  30. Why are we saying slavery needs
  31. t'gders stop talking nonsense in stars vlogs
  32. Msg me if u wanna be aprt of auctioning
  33. Are there any sites exactly like tg
  34. So is Noah a racist or not a racist?
  35. I'm not letting my kids use internet til 18
  36. comment ur age!
  37. what color level do u need 4 stars
  38. Frookies are so fun tbh lol
  39. StarySky's a devil worshipper for evicting me
  40. My stars support gl:

pyn if you want a positive opinion

Jan 1, 2018 by mocallio
only post if you blog frequently bc i definitely only know frequent bloggers on here now lol

Sparky4444 You're so nice and I think your skype said you're 14. If that's true, then you're so mature for your age!

Darbe you seem so popular on here without trying! Not sure if it's a good thing at all to be tg popular since this site's all crackhead idiots lol, but you're lucky to have a large supportive group of friends :).

harrywasnak your blog pic makes me wanna get to know you lol! I always get annoyed when marginalized groups attack other marginalized groups.

Thirteen You're the only one on this site who makes great vlogs lol :/

hisoka The only news I heard about you is you allegedly called someone the n word, so

Correct me if I'm wrong, please! lol

GoodKaren You picked a great gif to be your staple gif.

CalebDaBoss I hope whatever terminal condition your grandpa has goes away :/.


well we met yesterday lel
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