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  1. Am I the only 1 who watches her V
  2. Are y'all #TeamCamila or #Team5H
  3. Rank Katy Perry's albums in the comments
  4. Im doing a Tengaged Charm School
  5. Is Tengaged still atheist?
  6. did anyone see that?
  7. This Fergie visual album has me pressed
  8. What's your fav song from Double Dutchess?
  9. wait. Who is tg mad @ from T-Brother?
  10. College students of tg, what's your major?
  11. is the last bb19 ep worth watching?
  12. Why do people not stan Dominique on BB19?
  13. + for Prism, - for Witness
  14. + for Dominique, - for Elena
  15. the bb house seems to make ppl go crazy :/
  16. This is THE anthem, hit of the century
  17. To people who spend $$ on ts,
  18. Making someone for having no friends makes u
  19. If U had the energy to post confederate flags
  20. Pls watch my LWYMMD Lyric Video
  21. Watch the lyric video for TS' new song down below
  22. did white gays rlly post a confed flag
  23. Me when I see XxLoveWakizaxX in a frookies
  24. Comment 4 opinion V
  25. DiNom was by far the worst mod in tg history
  26. gaga inspired everybody to go country
  27. rank the evicted bb hg in comments
  28. Is Moana good?
  29. what's wrong w being a virgin
  30. But I hope she smells my perfume!
  31. if u're a they, what lockerroom do u use
  32. BB: Tengaged Favorites Outcome:
  33. Comment your top 5 fave BB Players
  34. I'm glad I didn't get cast for TBB2
  35. yo what if Raven won HoH
  36. What's better: LoL or Overwatch?
  37. Finally got a new wig after all
  39. y r u on a gaming site & hating fat ppl ?
  40. I ate a whole medium box of pizza

Making someone for having no friends makes u

Aug 27, 2017 by mocallio
look like a huge loser who'll never succeed in life. People like that go nowhere.


making fun of ppl who have no friends are gross
Sent by Memphis_Grizzlies,Aug 27, 2017

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