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  1. There should be a stars for all color levels
  2. gotta watch rpdr since shangie and kennedy
  3. My favorite ANTM models by season
  4. If I was a mod, I'd make racism result
  5. 3 things that stayed constant bout tg over
  6. If you support a racist, you're 1 too
  7. Who should I vote to win Stars?
  9. Im stalking shops waiting 4 that Tiff Haddish
  10. Do yall think Johnny's racist for getting rid
  11. Nobody black's on the hot or not tg edition
  12. What if Andy got Paul'd and GM
  13. Ross and Mark are jumping Omarosa on twitter
  14. BB fans were calling Omarosa racist
  15. Ive come to peace with ppl negging my blogs
  16. all the ppl in that lgbt hot/not are white
  17. My favorite BB players from each season
  18. I cant believe Mark McGrath is my age
  19. Trissie aint even a drag queen
  20. Was this season of Amazing Race good?
  21. What happened to vansreborn?
  22. I really do think I'm too cute for this site
  23. To any ANTM fans, what was your callout order
  24. these gen z lil kids keep protesting
  25. Who's the Rachel Dolezal of tg
  26. Tyra's been stealing ideas from my utube series
  27. it's 2018, everybody wanna black man
  28. Rose Mulet was a man :O
  29. what does tg think of Black Panther?
  30. m fatter than caleb so for yall 2 say
  31. LOL now BB fans are claiming Marissa's a perv
  32. so the tger who said he'd shoot me
  33. Why'd Florida man shoot those innocent teachers
  34. trucks
  35. My fav Beyonce single from each album:
  36. My main worry bout a gun ban
  37. Catching up on CBB and wow the blacks
  38. Oma and Keshia are the best reality tv duo since
  39. So is Shannon gone
  40. Can someone buy my account for $30

Dr. Steve did THAT w those noms

Jul 19, 2017 by mocallio
Have nothing personally against either nom, but Johnny's a mega threat who's known for being in 100000 orgs and Deanna's the best possible pawn (from what I've seen).

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