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1stMay 10, 2013 by miya
When stupid noobs have charities for color levels like Orange,Green,Light green etc..
It's not hard to earn like 30 karma, It just pisses me off so much when they have charities for such low colors. I don't see the point. I made loads of friends in Castings and other games when I was a noob, eventually I got up so many levels very quickly, but I earned all the low colors, i never did a dumb charity for fucking yellow..


Sent by suzycroatia,May 10, 2013
Sent by Tabatha,May 10, 2013
Sent by Admir,May 10, 2013
The way you overreact when it's me,

Funny how you didnt care before =)
Sent by Funnehliner,May 10, 2013
Miya is going innnnnnnnnn
Sent by HelenCoops,May 10, 2013
Tbf you shouldn't have a charity for ANY level, the only things charity worthy is milestone games.. and it's bullshit these days cause people only want it for a free win and some karma, when it all started out a charity was a way of helping people get T$ and the first hoh decided the winner, a milestone game was a game u played with all your friends and it was fun and cute..

I see newbs in charitys saying shit like "I DECIDE WHO GETS NOMMED" getting all demanding and arrogant, like sit the fuck down love cause you didn't even have people join for ya! It's always filled with nice people like Bo_oM and Diva1, not actual friends they met along their journey.

Sent by BlueStar,May 10, 2013
BlueStar I think it's fair to have charities for color levels, but not taking the piss and having one for orange... and you're true about Bo_oM and Diva1. I don't think it's fair to claim a charity and not have anyone for it.
Sent by miya,May 10, 2013
Also, people have their 1500th milestone game and then like a week later HI THIS IS MY 1600th CHARITY...

NO. Stop. Log out.
Sent by BlueStar,May 10, 2013
Here's a different way to view a charity game miya bluestar

It's a game with a huge premade (the only difference is that they announce it).  That's it.  Once it gets down to the premade alliance completely dominating any type of competition, they do whatever they see as fit with the rest of the game.  I've seen charity games where 10/13 are there for the person, and 3/10 are against, and some how there stands one of those 3 in the final 5....

As to NO NO NO, you can't have a purple charity!  You can do whatever the hell you want charity!  I remember trying to start charities for people when they had no idea the point of the game was for them to win :-x lol.  I do think when it comes to colour charities, if they see that their friends aren't able to join for them like they once said, they should be a little more lenient on saying the charity is over, and whoever may join for a regalur style crookies, or even better, just do anyting black or below as a frookies, 25 karma and 50 woppin Ts seem to be better pay outs geared for lower levels, Ts were always an issue....  But yeah, milestone games aren't so much as redoable, so give them a little bit of extra time, lol.

No charity game is 100% handed to the charity winner (unless you're in an Actives charity, I've always said that they did charity games right, and right from the get go).  Even in the happiness of a charity game, many of many times does someone get angry and goes all drama...

idk i lost myself here, ok thanks
Sent by Bo_oM,May 10, 2013
Also, people have their 1500th milestone game and then like a week later HI THIS IS MY 1600th CHARITY...

NO. Stop. Log out.

Sent by Lamia,May 10, 2013
Sent by Etienne,May 10, 2013
Totally agreed miya!!!
Sent by ZEEnon,May 10, 2013
i never did a charity go me
Sent by atti12,May 10, 2013
+ for my sister < 3
Sent by cecumecu,May 10, 2013
I'm a noob myself, and I'd like to preach on this blog!
Sent by JosephinaAlexis,May 10, 2013
lol get it
Sent by aes222aes,May 10, 2013
sorry i hate charity games, why does anybody deserve a free win for anything :L sure you can have friends and nice people help you out and give you a free win but its pointless,

if you REALLY need 12 friends in the same game as you to win a game its kind of pointless
Sent by theraditzofthegroup,May 10, 2013
Sent by XxLoveWakizaxX,May 10, 2013
Yeah really, I'm almost TV star and haven't had ANY sort of charity game. I think, earn your wins since it's much more rewarding to win on your own than with a huge premade.
Sent by nbkiller,May 10, 2013
Sent by unkown,May 10, 2013
Amen ! miya
Sent by Elvira,May 11, 2013
Haven't done a single charity!
Sent by minidude13,May 11, 2013
I'm okay with it. If you go by this, no one should get cH
Sent by BigBrother06,May 11, 2013
I honestly don't care what it's for... as long as I can get T$ off of it!
Sent by _Aria,May 11, 2013
Sent by disneygeek,May 11, 2013

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