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I Keep Telling Myself

7thDec 21, 2018 by mikec51
If I can get through this, I can get through anything.

Found out that my bicurious best friend who has been leading me on the past several months went out last night to have his friends introduce him to a girl he’s interested in. He keeps asking if I’m mad and being an asshole rubbing it in. It feels great.

Especially feels great because I have to go spend all day at the funeral home today and funeral tomorrow for my pap who passed right before Christmas and then right after Christmas have to do the same thing for my aunt who passed yesterday!

I’ve always been hurt and abandoned by my friends so I’m used to this but once again feel stupid for opening up. One of these days I’ll find the one that will treat me right but it’s just hard with everything going on right now, especially since I live with him.


msg me MP!!! im always here
Sent by DanielleDonato,Dec 21, 2018
Well I know it sucks to here but its good you found out that this friend is kinda a douche before you got romantically involved because it sounds like he would have continued to lead you on. You deserve a better relationship than someone that would treat you like this.

Sorry about you father hope everything gets better
Sent by koolness234,Dec 21, 2018
Aw I’m sorry :( love you and message me anytime to talk! danielledonato can put an end to a bi curious boy
Sent by SmoothStalker12,Dec 21, 2018
Sent by IMon,Dec 21, 2018
:c I’m here if you ever need a friend <3
Sent by Thumper91,Dec 21, 2018
guess id rather hurt than feel nothing at all
Sent by NotNicky333,Dec 21, 2018
such beautiful karma for how you have acted on here all these years.
Sent by YouAllSuck,Dec 22, 2018
I’m sorry Mike:(

Things will start looking up soon and you’ll find someone worthy of your time and energy
Sent by austino15fffan,Dec 22, 2018
I'm sorry for your loss. 🙁
Sent by Yoshitomi,Dec 22, 2018
love u im so sorry to hear that mike ik no amount of emotional support will compensate what youre going through but hope we can chat tmr if u want to, it will get better

now youallsuck id address u the way u deserve but out of respect for my friend i wont, please have some decency.
Sent by sihz,Dec 22, 2018
if he’s acting like an asshole he’s doing it cause he wants to make you jealous.. is it fucked up? yeah, but i personally think he’s trying to play hard to get.
Sent by MikeRORO,Dec 22, 2018
Thank you for all the overwhelming support < 3 DanielleDonato koolness234 Thumper91 SmoothStalker12 austino15fffan Yoshitomi sihz

MikeRORO honestly dude idk it’s literally the most bizzare situation I’ve ever been in. He does have a habit of liking to make me mad only to apologize after and be consoling so that I’m constsntly giving him attention whether good or bad. He reached out to me yesterday asking if I was hanging in there and was very supportive and uplifting which isn’t typical of him. I know he cares about me a lot we talk about that and he just told me that the other day. Is it beyond a friend/brother level? Idk it fluctuates everyday but I would say if he’s interested in pursuing a girl it’s not a good sign if  it’s headed in that direction. I just find it odd how he told me it was going on to see my reaction lol. Sorry for rant.
Sent by mikec51,Dec 22, 2018
He sounds emotionally manipulative and has no intention of ever making you his first priority, as much as it probably fucking sucks to hear that
Sent by SurvivorFan37,Dec 22, 2018
mikec51 i completely feel that, it is weird tho. if you ever need to talk hmu
Sent by MikeRORO,Dec 22, 2018

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