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  1. b o r e d
  2. anyone wanna call
  3. Currently sat on the toilet
  4. Just ordered another takeaway
  5. Can someone make me a
  6. Is it bad that I just ordered
  7. someone buy me 75ts
  8. who’s good @ sum me
  9. who wants to play hunger on my account
  10. Who’s good at count me?
  11. gift me mom
  12. Wtf is Chicago Med and the other one
  13. does anyone have
  14. Is Bebe actually the 10th queen on rpdr
  15. Anyone wanna Frooks?
  16. Who even cares about eggs
  17. Crying I got to Q11 on HQ
  18. Post one blog get 3 spam mails
  19. Anyone wanna g4g
  20. someone gift me
  21. just download HQ
  22. hi
  23. who’s good at sum me?
  24. I didn’t know Pearls nudes were leaked
  25. Never been so exhausted
  26. comment any player 3 names left
  27. 3 spaces left!
  28. Need 5 more names!
  29. Anyone wanna g4g
  30. Comment any big brother player
  31. Comment a bb player
  32. Comment any big brother player chart
  33. going to be in Orlando soon
  34. send me money to my bank account
  35. BBUS 2 Results
  36. who should win out of this BBUS f2
  37. fortnite anyone?
  38. Ummm I just ordered a takeaway
  39. Does anyone wanna G4G?
  40. need one more name!

I cant wait for Holly Hagan to enter CBBUK

Jan 2, 2018 by melindaMrskk

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