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  1. Is Bebe actually the 10th queen on rpdr
  2. Anyone wanna Frooks?
  3. Who even cares about eggs
  4. Crying I got to Q11 on HQ
  5. Post one blog get 3 spam mails
  6. Anyone wanna g4g
  7. someone gift me
  8. just download HQ
  9. hi
  10. who鈥檚 good at sum me?
  11. I didn鈥檛 know Pearls nudes were leaked
  12. Never been so exhausted
  13. comment any player 3 names left
  14. 3 spaces left!
  15. Need 5 more names!
  16. Anyone wanna g4g
  17. Comment any big brother player
  18. Comment a bb player
  19. Comment any big brother player chart
  20. going to be in Orlando soon
  21. send me money to my bank account
  22. BBUS 2 Results
  23. who should win out of this BBUS f2
  24. fortnite anyone?
  25. Ummm I just ordered a takeaway
  26. Does anyone wanna G4G?
  27. need one more name!
  28. 1 person for obby king
  29. join obby king
  30. 5 spaces left!
  31. BBUS 2 PYN !
  32. BBUS 2 PYN
  33. Who wants to play fortnite
  34. anyone that got ps4
  35. BBUS2 Comment any name from big brother!
  36. ugh i really want that strawberry blonde weave!
  37. Anyone wanna G4G?
  38. Anyone wanna G4G?
  39. me when I just noticed
  40. I got first in fortnite like yass

I love throwing house parties

Jan 1, 2018 by melindaMrskk
But the aftermath is just a tragedy


Same like I threw a party last night and now the floor is sticky from beer and there鈥檚 snow/salt tracks all over the floor. I gots to mop 馃槱
Sent by DJ2722,Jan 1, 2018
how was Jdog?
Sent by Oliviaxoxo,Jan 1, 2018

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