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One Killer S3: Ep6, A Tongue for A Finger, A Finger for A Duvet.

Dec 10, 2017 by melindaMrskk
- CAST -
TDBigBrotherLover112 - Elizabeth Caldwell (Season 1 & 2) - EPISODE  2
Icarus_Mark - Serena Creed (Season 2) - EPISODE 1
Aoki - Viola Washington (Season 1 & 2) - EPISODE 1
DJ2722 - Alexa Winters - EPISODE 2
PoohSnap - Brandon Marquez - EPISODE 1
MrBird - Ray Sinclair - EPISODE 5
Paul028 - Paul McGee - EPISODE 2
Katherinee_ - Vanessa Crystal - EPISODE 1
MrPokeGuy9 - Cameron Murray - EPISODE 1
Coolkat - Riayn Brooks - EPISODE 4
QueenMichelle - Jasmine Ganiev
#Melindamrskk - Jessica Megan - EPISODE 4
#Melindamrskk - Neeta Saur - EPISODE 3

- DEAD -
#Melindamrskk - Kayla Westbrook - EPISODE 1 - EPISODE 2
Tkoj555 - Marina Willis - EPISODE 2 - EPISODE 4
Carlyjordan14 - Laura Lopez - EPISODE 1 - EPISODE 5
Aoki - Chasty Ballesteroso - (Season 2) - EPISODE 1 - EPISODE 5



Chasty: Someone help me!
Just as Elizabeth gets closer to the car, it explodes making her fly backwards towards Serena.
Viola: Chasty!
Viola falls to the ground.
Viola: No....
Serena grabs Elizabeth pulling her back.
Elizabeth: I tried to save her.
Serena: There..... There was nothing we could do.
Vanessa: Hello?
???: You're a fucking bitch.
Vanessa: Who is this?
???: It's Jasmine, you whore. I know what you've done. Just you wait until I see you. Your life is over you physcoitic freak!
The phone hangs up. Vanessa starts to tear up.
Vanessa: Why...
Vanessa opens her cupboard and looks it in, she stares over her razor and looks at her arm. She takes a deep breath and grabs the razor. She sits against the wall and starts to put the razor on her arm. She starts to cry even more as blood drips down onto the floor.
Ray: You seem really concentrated on your phone. Is everything okay?
Neeta: Oh no! I was just playing flappy birds haha!
Ray: So, if your not busy, maybe I could ask you out for a drink tomorrow right?
Neeta: Oh tomorrow, I'm actually meant to be meeting-
Neeta looks at her phone to 0 messages.
Neeta: Actually no, I'm free.
Ray: Okay great, I'll pick you up at 8.
Neeta: I'll see you then.
PO: So been out with your friends recently?
Alexa: No. They all hate me. Why?
PO: Seems like two of them are pretty close to you.
Alexa: Who?
PO: Laura Lopez and Marina Willis.
Alexa: Nope, they hate me too.
PO: Which explains why they're dead in your closet.
Alexa: What?
Laura and Marina lie dead in Alexa's closet.
PO: Alexa Winters I'm arresting you on the murder of Laura Lopez and Marina Willis.

Panic comes for Vanessa as old friend Jasmine comes back to town and butts heads with Riayn. A sign of hope for one of the Killer's attackers. Paul walks into a conversation he shouldn't of which leads to a disaster for one member of the town. Serena's mysterious attitude doesn't go down well with Elizabeth and Viola.

---Episode 6---

Jessica sits at the dining table eating a bowl of cereal as Riayn walks downstairs.

Jessica: Do you think she really did it?
Riayn: What?
Jessica: Alexa. Killing Laura and Marina.
Riayn: To be honest.... I don't care. Alexa is getting everything she deserves.
Jessica: What about Vanessa?
Riayn: I just need to get rid of a problem before it gets here, to finally pull Vanessa.
Jessica: What's that problem?

A knock at the door is heard. Riayn walks to the door and opens it.

Jasmine: Hey Riayn babe, did you miss me?
Riayn: What are you doing here?

Jasmine budges past Vanessa.

Jasmine: Riayn sweetie don't try being head bitch to me hun. It won't work.
Riayn: Who are you to stop me?

Jessica carries on eating her cereal.

Jasmine: Because I know what you've been doing, and I'm one step ahead of you hunny. We all know Alexa didn't kill Laura and Marina.... Don't we?
Jessica: Riayn what is she talking about?
Riayn: I think you should leave.

Jasmine looks Riayn up and down.

Jasmine: Funny.

Jasmine walks out of the house.

Jessica: Riayn are you going to tell me what's going on?
Riayn: Just shut up will you!

Riayn storms upstairs.


Two carts pushing two lifeless bodies down corridor to corridor. Marina and Laura's bodies are ready to be examined. As the cart pushes one of Laura's fingers move. The bodies arrive at "Doctor Hemming's" room.

DH: Please bring the bodies in.

The guards bring Marina's and Laura's bodies in.

DH: Thank you. Okay lets have a look.

Doctor Hemmings walks towards Marina's body.

DH: Pierced through her spinal area. Bruises on upper shoulders. She was most likely pushed out of that window. Maybe she knew something?

Doctor Hemmings walks over to Laura's body he opens her mouth to notice she has no tongue.

DH: That couldn't of killed her? So what did....

DH grabs a small pipe from his desk and slowly pushes it down Laura's throat immediately forcing her to awaken.

DH: Oh goodness!

Doctor Hemmings falls over as Laura lift's herself up. Guards walk in the room and pin her down in shock.

DH: It's okay! It's okay let her go! Go get the detective.

As the guards walk out DH phone buzzes.

"Delete the files about the third body, or you'll be the fourth."

Doctor Hemmings stares at his phone in shock.


Alexa sit's in a interview room next to her mom sweating in the fear of being sent to prison.

Alexa: Thank you for being my lawyer mom.
A's Mom: Of course hunny! I will get you out of this mess.
Alexa: Someone is framing me! I didn't do anything.
A's Mom: Just don't show any sign of weakness. He'll use that against you.

The door swings open and in comes this hunky man staring at the two.

PO: Hello ladies, I am Officer Bennett and I'm the main detective on this case.
Alexa: Hi.

Bennett sits down.

Bennett: So Alexa, looks like your in a pickle here, hey?
Alexa: Well yeah. But I didn't do anything in the first place!
Bennett: Where were you two nights ago then around 10pm?
Alexa: I was finishing doing the gardening.
Bennett: You wasn't driving anywhere? With anyone?
Alexa: Nope, I was at home with my cat.
Bennett: What happened to your car?
Alexa: It's been like that for a while now. I just haven't had the time to fix this?
Bennett: Why not? Why are you so busy?
A's Mom: Irrelevant to the topic.

Bennett looks at Alexa's mom. A knock at the door is heard, a police officer walks in and whispers in Bennett's ear.

Bennett: Okay. So this is what I'm going to do. Your going to go home. But under house arrested.
Alexa: That didn't turn out to good for Kayla.
Bennett: But if we find anymore evidence that has you connected to these murders, you will be locked up for good.

Bennett walks out of the room.


Vanessa lays in her bed, distraught, emotionless, drained, drowned. Her arm is left with cuts all down herself. She tries to lift herself up, but she can't bring herself to do so. Suddenly she hears voices outside. She gently walks towards her bedroom window, to see Jasmine walking towards her front door. In absolute shock she faints, her body tumbles to the ground as if she's just been shot.


Vanessa's eyes slowly start to open she feels herself on a cold floor she looks around to see herself downstairs in the kitchen.

Vanessa: Wha....

She manages to get herself up slowly and carefully. She see's a small parcel on her table, she grabs the box and reads the label.

"Don't loose your tongue!"

She opens the box to see a tongue placed around tissue paper, covered in bugs, she frantically drops the box in fear.


Elizabeth, Serena and Viola all walk through Fleetwood Hills park.

Viola: I just can't believe she's gone (while playing with Chasty's ring).
Elizabeth: No one can.
Viola: It's not fair! It should of been me!
Elizabeth: Viola don't say that!

The girls sit on a bench, expect Serena.

Elizabeth: Chasty wouldn't want you being upset like this! You know what she's like! She'd be like "Get up you boring bitch!"

Viola laughs.

Viola: Yeah that's so true!

Serena walks back and forward over and over again.

Elizabeth: S? Are you okay?
Serena: What, what? Yeah I'm fine.
Elizabeth: Are you sure?
Serena: What's with all the questions?! Do I have to get my lawyer down here.
Viola: I'm pretty sure you can't do that.

Serena's phone rings.

Serena: I gotta take this, I'll see you guys later.

Serena runs off.

Elizabeth: What is up with her?
Viola: Beats me.


Cameron turns his body to see Brandon still laying in his bed.

Cameron: What?!

Cameron pulls the cover off Brandon.

Brandon: Hey! I ain't getting paid for this!
Cameron: You need to leave!
Brandon: Why? It's only like 6pm?
Cameron: Paul will be here any minute!
Brandon: So? Aren't you two not even together.
Cameron: I'm working on it!
Brandon: What by riding my dick last night.

Paul walks into the room, holding chocolate and flowers.

Paul: You did what.

Cameron turns bright red.

Cameron: Paul!

Brandon grabs his cloths and gets up.

Brandon: I'll leave you two it.

He leaves the room and walks downstairs.

Paul: I wanted to be the bigger person, but, but this is just two much!
Cameron: Paul.... I'm sorry.
Paul: Your not sorry. Your just a lying cheating scumbag!

Cameron stands up and wraps himself in the duvet.

Paul: No, no, no! Stay in bed! Don't let me ruin your fun time with Brandon the guy who would shag a fucking donkey for fuck sakes!

Paul walks out of the room and throws the flowers and chocolates on the floor, and starts to walk downstairs.

Cameron: Paul!

Cameron runs out of his room still wearing the duvet around him, as he reaches the stairs Cameron gets tangled in the duvet and drastically falls down the stairs, he lays unconscious as Paul turns around and looks at him. He drops a tear as he walks out of the house.


Doctor Hemming's sits at his desk, typing on his computer.

"Laura is not dead."

He pulls out a file "1 or 2?".

DH: I swear, I need a holiday.

Suddenly all the lights turn out.

DH: Huh?

A smash is heard.

DH: Hello?

A few foot steps come closer to Doctor Hemmings. The light's turn back on as the Killer stands next to the doctor with a gun pointing to his head.

DH: Please! Don't shoot! I'll do anything!

The Killer looks around the desk, they grab the "1 or 2?" file and runs out the room. As the killer gets out of the building and take their mask off.

Serena: Ugh that mask is hard to breathe out of!


Thought's on this episode?
Thought's on Laura not being dead?
Thought's on Jasmine?
Thought's on Vanessa scene?
Is it all over for Paul and Cameron?
Did Paul make the right decision to leave the house after Cameron fell?
Thought's on Serena's scene?
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)?
Who is the killer?


Thought's on this episode? It was OK
Thought's on Laura not being dead? Predictable
Thought's on Jasmine? I like her so far, very mysterious.
Thought's on Vanessa scene? Me @ a tounge. Idgi
Is it all over for Paul and Cameron? They are so irrelevant to the entire storyline. They have nothing to do with anything involving the killings, unless they are the killers.
Did Paul make the right decision to leave the house after Cameron fell? Cameron is such a dickwad character and I hope the killer slits his throat
Thought's on Serena's scene? So I was right about one of the vets being involved
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)? Faves: Alexa, Vanessa, Jasmine; Least Faves: Cameron, Brandon, Neeta
Who is the killer? The killers are Serena, AND season 1 and 2 vets, Tori and Samantha
Sent by DJ2722,Dec 10, 2017
YAS, I liked her
I see you boo
Honestly idk
Yes and Serena almost killed a man yikes!!!
Sent by tkoj555,Dec 10, 2017
Fav:vets, Vanessa, Neeta, Jasmine, Alexa(kinda)
Sent by tkoj555,Dec 10, 2017
Thought's on this episode?  This gave me a lot of questions which I will get into later on.
Thought's on Laura not being dead?  Like DJ2722 said, it was predictable.  But I still feel bad for Laura.
Thought's on Jasmine?  Jasmine's aggressive!  lol  Actually, could she be a Killer?  I feel like there could be a reason she's been gone for so long before appearing and now she's bursting her way onto the scene.
Thought's on Vanessa scene? Everyone and their mothers are getting framed!  It's a frame-a-pa-looza!  :D
Is it all over for Paul and Cameron? Honestly yes.  I mentioned earlier that Cameron dying could be a gateway for Kyle returning, so even though Paul left Cameron like that, the REAL reason it's all over for Paul and Cameron is because Cameron is about to die!
Did Paul make the right decision to leave the house after Cameron fell? Yes.  Even if Cameron doesn't die, he needs to learn a lesson.
Thought's on Serena's scene? Here's the thing: it's Episode 6 and we're seeing someone in a Killer's mask.  Isn't this a little early to be revealing anyone for a killer?  So yeah, I find that odd Serena was behind a Killer's mask, I also find something off about it.
Who is the killer? I'm going to blow your mind with my answer here.  Yeah, we saw Serena "behind a Killer's mask", but I'm going to be honest, I have a hard time believing Serena is actually behind the killings.  There's someone else at work.

Now here's a question: what would Serena need with the "1 or 2"?  Why is she getting the file?  Or could she be simply protecting herself so that she herself doesn't get killed next?  I mean, aren't we forgetting the "1 down, 3 to go" text Serena herself got just the previous episode?

Here's another one: could it be possible JASMINE could be the main killer?  So far, she's been quite aggressive, and guess who the first person we saw Jasmine get any interaction with: VANESSA!  You know, the person who received a tongue in the box AFTER she cut her wrists?  Because that doesn't sound suspicious at all.

And now let's talk about Vanessa.  We still need to know about what she's supposedly "done".  I've already suggested she could have been behind Olivia being the Season 1 killer, been the true person behind Olivia's death in Season 2, or both.  If that's the case and now that coming back to her, that's further proof to suggest JASMINE is the Killer by lowly torturing Vanessa, just like with Laura.

But what if Kyle from Season 2 comes back and it turns out HE'S the Killer, or even one with Jasmine!?  I mean, how is there a picture of Chasty, Viola, Elizabeth, and Serena sent to Serena from the last episode unless someone already had access to that file?  Also, who was it that Serena responded to on the phone?  There is no connection to her and Jasmine, but there is one to her and Kyle.  But Kyle can't come up with everything on his own, so he needs someone who is rough around the edges that knows the new kids, and that's where Jasmine comes in.  She knows Vanessa, Riayn, and the rest, so yeah.

So my answer is this: Serena is only a fake-out killer.  The real killers as I see it right now are Kyle from Season 2 and Jasmine
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 11, 2017
This was a great episode and just like Icarus_Mark said If Serena is somehow involved she isn’t the killer- she might be helping the killer(I doubt it) she definitely is not the main killer
Sent by coolKat,Dec 11, 2017
Thought's on this episode? It was very dramatic and emotional.  Also some SHOOK reveals?!
Thought's on Laura not being dead? I love ITT!  She is such a queen!! Also a possible murderer who is just failing to fake her own death?
Thought's on Jasmine? That bitch is shady, she is 100% involved! Also Jessica in that scene was iconic waiting her cereal!
Thought's on Vanessa scene? What the hell! Jasmine went in to kill Vanessa but thought she is already dead and left that note for the person who find her?
Is it all over for Paul and Cameron? Yes!  Paul should never forgive him. 
Did Paul make the right decision to leave the house after Cameron fell? Yes!  Cameron brought this to himself.
Thought's on Serena's scene? SHOOK! I think she is being blackmailed to help the murderer. She can't be the killer :x...  Right?
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)? Fav: Alexa's mom
Least: Brandon
Who is the killer? Elizabeth and Jasmine.
Sent by Katherinee_,Dec 11, 2017
Thought's on this episode? Really good, I think it gave a horrible light on everyone though
Thought's on Laura not being dead? YAS, Laura is such a queen
Thought's on Jasmine? This bitch had to come and ruin everything she is killer 100%
Thought's on Vanessa scene? Sad! Omg poor Vanessa and Jasmine that shady bitch
Is it all over for Paul and Cameron? Sadly, yes I think Paul will never forgive him and Cameron will take his own life or something
Did Paul make the right decision to leave the house after Cameron fell? I can see both sides of the story but Cameron legit did ride a dick the day after he broke up with someone.
Thought's on Serena's scene? Im shooketh, she's not the killer for sure she's so being blackmailed, like Aria from pll
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)? Faves: Lol they all sucked this episode really xD
Who is the killer? Jasmine
Sent by paul028,Dec 11, 2017

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