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One Killer S3: Ep5, Bruises and Explosions

Dec 7, 2017 by melindaMrskk
- CAST -
TDBigBrotherLover112 - Elizabeth Caldwell (Season 1 & 2) - EPISODE 2
Aoki - Chasty Ballesteroso - (Season 2) - EPISODE 1
Icarus_Mark - Serena Creed (Season 2) - EPISODE 1
Aoki - Viola Washington (Season 1 & 2) - EPISODE 1
Carlyjordan14 - Laura Lopez - EPISODE 1
DJ2722 - Alexa Winters - EPISODE 2
PoohSnap - Brandon Marquez - EPISODE 1
MrBird - Ray Sinclair
Paul028 - Paul McGee - EPISODE 2
Katherinee_ - Vanessa Crystal - EPISODE 1
MrPokeGuy9 - Cameron Murray - EPISODE 1
Coolkat - Riayn Brooks - EPISODE 4
QueenMichelle - Jasmine Ganiev
#Melindamrskk - Jessica Megan - EPISODE 4
#Melindamrskk - Neeta Saur - EPISODE 3

- DEAD -
#Melindamrskk - Kayla Westbrook - EPISODE 1 - EPISODE 2
Tkoj555 - Marina Willis - EPISODE 2 - EPISODE 4



Paul: I think it's better if you leave. And delete my number. I shouldn't of done this.
Cameron: Are you breaking up with me?
Paul: We were never together.
Paul opens the door.
Cameron: Your making the wrong choice Paul!
Paul: Am I?
Cameron walks out, Paul closes the door behind him. Cameron gets his phone out and looks at all the pictures of him and Paul kissing.
The black figure pulls a knife out and taps it on Laura's face.
Laura: No! No! No!
The Killer cuts something of Laura's off, the room goes silent but blood pours on the floor, as Laura goes unconscious. The black figure holds up Laura's tongue.
Marina: It will be okay, V. I promise.
Vanessa: How! How will it be okay! Kayla is dead!..... Who would even do this?
Neeta: She had numerous of haters.
Vanessa looks at Neeta.
Vanessa: And you were one of them.
Vanessa gets up and walks towards Neeta.
Vanessa: You hated her! She bullied you for years.
Neeta: Yet I was with you guys all night, remembering what great friends we were.
Vanessa: Your such a bitch, I can't believe I even tried becoming friends with you again!
Suddenly a two girls walk up to the three girls.
???: Oh typical Vanessa, making Neeta look bad, yet again!
Marina: Riayn?
She looks out her backdoor and see's the killer waving a knife in the air.
Marina: Fuck!
She runs down her hallway, she goes to her front door and notices the keys are gone.
Marina: Fuck!
The killer smashes the back door open.
Marina: Stay away you sick freak!
Marina chucks a lamp at the killer.
Marina runs up her stairs just as the killer stabs her in the leg.
Marina: Ou fuck!
She kicks the killer in the face. She crawls up the stairs to her bedroom. She looks around for a hiding place, as she turns around the killer tilts their head and kicks their foot into Marina's stomach forcefully pushing her back towards her glass windows falling out of the windows down a 20ft drop onto a marble stone carving piercing through her stomach as the rest of her body dangles down, as blood slowly drips down the carving.
Alexa's car pushes into Elizabeth's car leading Elizabeth car to flip over multiple of times landing upside down. Alexa's car falls off the road onto the hill.
Alexa: Uh..... What happened?
Alexa touches her nose, and notices that it is bleeding.
Alexa: For fuck sake!
She pushes her door open, and slowly gets out of her car. She walks over to the main road and see's the other car has been flipped over and notices blood all over the windows.
Alexa: No....
She looks over and see's a body lying on the grass.
Alexa: Fuck!
She runs back into her car, she starts her engine and drives off.

The aftermath of the car crash is in depth, as the Fleetwood Four girls fight for their lives. Vanessa turns to a sinister path while Cameron finds a toy boy to pay for and a knock at the door could change Alexa's life forever.


A car left deserted, four girls fight for their lives dangling upside down, a dripping sound coming from the front of the car is heard, a smell awakens one of the girls. Elizabeth starts to cough.

Elizabeth: Wha.... What.... What happened?

She looks around at the other girls, she turns her head to far as a sting in her shoulder forces her to turn her head back.

Elizabeth: Fuck!

Elizabeth notices a sharp piece of glass has stabbed her right down into her shoulder, blood slowly falls down her body.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, no!

Elizabeth's panicking wakes up the other girls.

Viola: What's going on!
Serena: What's that smell?
Elizabeth: Gas. We need to get outta her.
Viola: Is Chasty?
Chasty: No. I.. I just don't wanna talk, I just wanna get out of here!
Elizabeth: We have to be careful, there's gas dropping and anything in this car that goes near it, we will all die.

Elizabeth looks around, she tries pushing her door open, noticing its jammed.

Elizabeth: Right, Serena I'll have to get out of your side and Chasty with Viola.
Serena: Right, right. Okay. Okay I can do this.

Serena slowly pushes the door open, she slides onto the floor, slowly but carefully.

Serena: Okay I got this.

Serena crawls her way out and runs back onto the main road.

Serena: Okay! I'm out!

Viola tries to open her door.

Viola: It won't budge!
Elizabeth: Try and push it a little harder, ugh. Just not too hard.

Viola pushes the door harder, knocking things over in the car. Gas starts to drip faster.

Elizabeth: This car is about to explode any minute now, Viola while you start to crawl out I'll get out as well.
Chasty: What about me?
Elizabeth: You'll be fine babe, as soon as Viola is out you get yourself out.
Chasty: Ok.

Viola swings the door open, tilting the car to the left.

Elizabeth: Shit! Be careful Viola.
Viola: I'm sorry!
Viola & Elizabeth slowly start to crawl out.

Chasty: You got this C. Just be patient.

Viola manages to get out.
Chasty tries to take her seatbelt off.

Chasty: C'mon. C'mon! Please!

Elizabeth gets out the car.

Elizabeth: You got this C!

Chasty manages to take her seatbelt off, just as she does it the car falls onto its side, forcing her to fall down to the bottom of the car.

Chasty: Help!

Serena runs towards the car, just as it sets on fire. She falls to the floor.

Elizabeth: Serena!
Viola: Chasty!
Chasty: Help me!

Chasty tries to pull herself up, noticing her leg is wrapped around the seat belt.

Chasty: No, no! Please!

Elizabeth, runs to Serena.

Elizabeth: Are you okay?
Serena: We have to get her out of there!
Elizabeth: Okay. Ill try.

Elizabeth walks closer to the car.

Chasty: Someone help me!

Just as Elizabeth gets closer to the car, it explodes making her fly backwards towards Serena.

Viola: Chasty!

Viola falls to the ground.

Viola: No....

Serena grabs Elizabeth pulling her back.

Elizabeth: I tried to save her.
Serena: There..... There was nothing we could do.

Viola falls to the ground, she opens her eye and notices Chasty's ring in-front of her, she grabs it and puts it on.

The car lays burning away...... With Chasty inside.


Alexa pulls up to her driveway covered in cuts and blood. She lifelessly gets out of her car and walks towards her door. She strolls inside her house and just sits down staring down at her TV, minutes pass by until she turns the TV on and a news report appears.

Kelly Jewells appears on the screen in-front of a car getting put out of flames by firefighters.

KJ: Hi, This is Kelly Jewells reporting live from the old back roads from Fleetwood Hills, Live on Channel 5. Here I stand in-front of a what it seems to be "Hit & Run" the four ladies in the car admit that they were hit by a unknown driver as they were heading back into Fleetwood Hills. It is announced that one of these four ladies has been confirmed dead. Whoever has done this, please hand yourself in.

Alexa's face drops.

KJ: This is Kelly Jewells reporting to you live.

Alexa turns the TV off.

Alexa: No. I-I-I.

Suddenly a knock at the door is heard. Alexa turns her head, to see blue and red lights flashing outside her house. She walks to the door and opens it.

Alexa: Hello?
PO: Alexa Winters?
Alexa: Yes.
PO: Do you mind if I come in?
Alexa: Sure... I guess.

She welcomes the police officer into her house.


Vanessa lays in her bed, looking at her ceiling, thinking about all her mistakes. She gets up out of her bed and looks out her window. She notices the cop car outside of Alexa's house.

Vanessa: I'm not even gonna bother.

She looks outside her house to see Neeta walking her dog while texting.

"Hey Marina, just wondering you still on for going to see Jasmine tomorrow? I haven't heard from you since earlier today?"

Vanessa: I'm so sorry.

Vanessa then turns around and looks at herself in the mirror.

Vanessa: What have I become?

She walks into her bathroom and sprinkles water over her face. Her phone starts ringing.

Vanessa: Hello?
???: You're a fucking bitch.
Vanessa: Who is this?
???: It's Jasmine, you whore. I know what you've done. Just you wait until I see you. Your life is over you physcoitic freak!

The phone hangs up. Vanessa starts to tear up.

Vanessa: Why...

Vanessa opens her cupboard and looks it in, she stares over her razor and looks at her arm. She takes a deep breath and grabs the razor. She sits against the wall and starts to put the razor on her arm. She starts to cry even more as blood drips down onto the floor.


Neeta walks down her street, still walking her dog while texting.

"Marina are you there?"

She accidentally bumps into a guy, she drops her phone in the commotion.

Neeta: Oh my god! I am so sorry!
???: Don't worry about it. It's all good.

Neeta looks up to see a handsome man, with glowing brown hair and deep hazel eyes.

Neeta: I'm.... Neeta.
???: Ray. It's nice to meet you.
Neeta: My pleasure.

Neeta shakes Ray's hand.

Ray: You seem really concentrated on your phone. Is everything okay?
Neeta: Oh no! I was just playing flappy birds haha!
Ray: So, if your not busy, maybe I could ask you out for a drink tomorrow right?
Neeta: Oh tomorrow, I'm actually meant to be meeting-

Neeta looks at her phone to 0 messages.

Neeta: Actually no, I'm free.
Ray: Okay great, I'll pick you up at 8.
Neeta: I'll see you then.

Ray walks off. Neeta smiles in joy.


Cameron sits on his computer, looking through all his photos with Paul, he smiles. He then sees a photo with him & Laura.

Cameron: Where are you Laura?

Cameron's phone buzzes. He's got a text from Paul.

"Hey can we talk?"

He deletes the message, suddenly a knock is heard. He walks over to the door and opens it to see Brandon.

Brandon: Hey.
Cameron: Come in.

Brandon walks in.

Brandon: Have you got it?

Cameron shows Brandon a hand full of cash.

Brandon: Is that all $250?
Cameron: Depends have you got something?

Brandon shows Cameron the condom.

Cameron: Yeah that's all of it.
Brandon: Well. Let's get this over with.

Brandon starts unbuttoning his pants.


Alexa sits down as the cop walks around her couch.

Alexa: Why are you here? 
PO: That's a pretty bad mark on your car. How'd it happen?
Alexa: It's always been like that.
PO: You seem pretty rich just to leave it like that.
Alexa: What can I say. I'm a busy girl.
PO: I can tell, so why do you have all the cuts on you. Looks like you've been in a car crash to me.
Alexa: No. I just hurt myself.
PO: Badly. Why don't you take yourself to the hospital?

The police officer walks over to a coat closet.

Alexa: Because I'm here spending my time with you.
PO: Aren't you lucky.
Alexa: Is there any reason your here.
PO: Just checking up on all the neighbours that's all.
Alexa: With your siren lights on?
PO: Just to scare you.
Alexa: It didn't work.

The police officer opens the closet door as his face lightens up.

PO: So been out with your friends recently?
Alexa: No. They all hate me. Why?
PO: Seems like two of them are pretty close to you.
Alexa: Who?
PO: Laura Lopez and Marina Willis.
Alexa: Nope, they hate me too.
PO: Which explains why they're dead in your closet.
Alexa: What?

Laura and Marina lie dead in Alexa's closet.

PO: Alexa Winters I'm arresting you on the murder of Laura Lopez and Marina Willis.


Elizabeth, Serena and Viola all sit at the end of a ambulance.

Elizabeth: I can't believe she's gone.
Serena: She, she didn't deserve this.
Viola: None of us did.
Elizabeth: What are we going to do now?

Two guards push a cart with a body bag, with a body inside over to a van.

Viola: There she goes.
Serena: This wasn't our fault.
Elizabeth: It was whoever was driving that other car.

Serena's phone vibrates.

Viola: This is so unfair! Chasty shouldn't of gone like this.
Elizabeth: We tried to save her.
Viola: I didn't! I just stood their, afraid of hurting myself.
Elizabeth: Which is natural Viola. You can't blame yourself!
Serena: Um guys.

Serena shows a photo on her phone of: Chasty, Elizabeth, Serena and Viola hugging with Chasty's face crossed out.

"1 down 3 to go."


Thought's on the car crash aftermath?
What was Jasmine talking about to Vanessa?
Thought's on Vanessa's dark turn?
Thought's on Neeta's scene with Ray?
Why's Cameron with Brandon?
Is it all over for Alexa?
Thought's on Chasty's death?
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)?
Who is the Killer?


Thoughts on the car crash aftermath? TRGAEDY NO I ACTUALLY CANNOT
What was Jasmine talking about to Vanesssa? Some pretty fucked up shit
Thoughts on Vanessa's dark turn? Well tbh I can't really pity her until I know what happened yeah
Thoughts on Neeta's scene with Ray? ICONIC CANT WAIT FOR RAY TO SURVIVE
Why's Cameron with Brandon? Hunny there's some prostitution going on here
Is it all over for Alexa? Nah, has happened before.
Thoughts on Chasty's death? It was sad but I'm happy the returnees aren't safe either
Favourite & Least Favourite Character? None yet
Who is the killer? Watch it be a returner tbh
Sent by MrBird,Dec 7, 2017
Thought's on the car crash aftermath? That was crazy!  That whole car crash was scary enough as a cliffhanger!  To have it turn into an explosion scene raised the stakes so much more!
What was Jasmine talking about to Vanessa?  Well obviously Vanessa has had a dark past, and whatever that dark past is, it had something to do with maybe Kayla or someone along those lines.  The elephant in the room was her being called a whore, so maybe Vanessa slept around, and maybe Brandon had previously cheated on Kayla with Vanessa!
Thought's on Vanessa's dark turn?  Like I said in another episode, Vanessa will get to a point where she is without any kind of reliable friendship, so it could be that a seed is planted where Vanessa sinks deeper into despair.
Thought's on Neeta's scene with Ray?  I feel like Neeta might be a bit too naïve as far as her scene with Ray.  I feel like this could end badly for Neeta.  That’s because it’s Episode 5 and the whole scene looks bubbly between her and Ray, so why should we expect it will be anything but when all’s said and done?
Why's Cameron with Brandon?  Because we all know Brandon will do anything to fuck anything with a pulse and turn into the biggest man-whore in history, so who does he go to?  The one guy who not only was left behind by Paul, but also lost Laura.
Is it all over for Alexa?  Considering someone literally was in jail at the end of Season 1 and made a reappearance in Season 2, no. 
Thought's on Chasty's death?  Like MrBird said, I’m glad to see no one is safe, but this time around, I’m not entirely sold on this actually being Chasty’s death for one reason and one reason only: She was meant to have died in an explosion last season, and when she was going to marry Troy no less.
Who is the Killer?  Okay, so I know it is being painted that Alexa would be the killer, which makes it unlikely that she actually is the killer despite the fact that if Chasty really is dead this time around, then it was indeed Alexa’s fault.  I think there could be a different killer out there: maybe Neeta, Jasmine, or Ray.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 7, 2017
Actually, now that I think of Alexa's arrest, here are other examples as to why it can't be "all over for Alexa":

- Actually, more than one person was in jail at the end of Season 1 and reappeared in Season 2.  Olivia, Season 1's killer, was one of those people.
- Burt was released from jail after being arrested in Season 2.  He died shortly afterward, and I remember we all hated him.
- Tallulah, Season 2's killer, escaped from the cops after her own arrest.
- Andrea was bailed out by Burt in Season 1.

So yeah... pretty not over for Alexa if you ask me.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 8, 2017
Thought's on the car crash aftermath? it was intense, shocked that it was Chasty that ended up died
What was Jasmine talking about to Vanessa? no idea if I'm honest, seems like Jasmine could be up to something here
Thought's on Vanessa's dark turn? I'm scared for her, I hope everything turns out ok for her
Thought's on Neeta's scene with Ray? Neeta is gonna become the definition of irony and hypocrisy I can feel it
Why's Cameron with Brandon? Cameron's being a horny teenager and Brandon's being gay for pay
Is it all over for Alexa? I wouldn't say the end, but she is in a very difficult situation so her life is about to get extremely stressful
Thought's on Chasty's death? I mean I was shocked by her death but I wasn't too upset about it cause she was my least favoueite out of the 4
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)?
favs: Cameron, Vanessa, Elizabeth
Least: Brandon, Alexa, Neeta
Who is the Killer? no idea
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Dec 8, 2017
Thought's on the car crash aftermath? Shook Chasty died only 5 episodes in season 2! :(
What was Jasmine talking about to Vanessa? I have no idea!
Thought's on Vanessa's dark turn? I was so saddd, she should just try and look on the better side of things
Thought's on Neeta's scene with Ray? Okay she literally JUST met him, shes fucked
Why's Cameron with Brandon? He's desperate for sex?
Is it all over for Alexa? Probably yea, she is gonna do something stupid which will probably get herself killed
Thought's on Chasty's death? Sad because I think Elizabeth just let her die honestly she didn't seem very into saving her
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)?
Least: Brandon & Elizabeth
Faves: Vanessa
Who is the Killer? Hmmm Ray I think  now
Sent by paul028,Dec 8, 2017
Thought's on the car crash aftermath? Poor Chasty =[ One of my faves
What was Jasmine talking about to Vanessa? Shes onto her shit
Thought's on Vanessa's dark turn? Vanessa has had like 50 different mood swings so im guessing she has a bipolar disorder
Thought's on Neeta's scene with Ray? Neeta is such a bad character that doesnt deserve a boyfriend. Only the tea.
Why's Cameron with Brandon? Because Caneron is fucking irrelevant man-slut that hopefully dies of AIDS if the killer doesnt get the job done.
Is it all over for Alexa? I hope not 😂 I was expecting her to start a relationship with the cop, but then he put her in handcuffs... oh wait..
Thought's on Chasty's death? Robbed of life. Fuck you Brandon. You prostitute.
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)? Fave: The late great Chasty, Alexa, maybe Vanessa?
Least Fave: Brandon, Cameron, Neeta. I hope they all die.
Who is the Killer? Idc as long as they kill of Brandon, Cameron, and Neeta.
Sent by DJ2722,Dec 8, 2017
Chasty isn’t Dead I feel like she would of tried harder to escape if she wanted to live but she didn’t try hard enough in order to fake her death

Also no real faves I guess this episode
But I think the killer is Ray because I’m watching American Horror Story season 2 atm and yeah
Sent by coolKat,Dec 8, 2017
Is that season any good coolKat?
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 8, 2017
Thought's on the car crash aftermath? Oh girl SO MANY reveals I'm ready to explain my emotions!
What was Jasmine talking about to Vanessa? Who is Jasmine even? If not some angry bullied girl idk who she might be. I think she was used to be bullied by Kayla, Alexa and Vanessa and now with Kayla dead, she knows the other 2 are weak and is coming for them.
Thought's on Vanessa's dark turn? I refuse to believe that she'll go like that .. COME ON GIRL! SUCK IT UP! YOU ARE A STRONG INDEPENDENT WOMAN! I TRUST YOU, YOU CAN DO IT, YOU CAN MOVE ON!
Thought's on Neeta's scene with Ray? It was cute. I like how Neeta is having some other light on her except being a bitch. But with Marina dead.. she is all alone now :(
Why's Cameron with Brandon? OH BRANDON YOU WHORE! Cameron just payed him to have sex with him. I am shooketh!
Is it all over for Alexa? No! Alexa is an icon. Someone will release her. I am almost sure!
Thought's on Chasty's death? I can't believe that just happened. She survived a huge explosion in a house just to be killed in another explosion? I think not. Chasty is the master of surviving explosions so I still have faith that she is not dead!
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)? Fav: Queen Alexa! Least: manwhore Brandon sorry
Who is the Killer? I think it's someone whose been bullied by the trio Kayla/Alexa/Vanessa. It could be Neeta or Jasmine. OR ELIZABETH!
Sent by Katherinee_,Dec 8, 2017
Sad, Chasty didn't deserve to go like this,  dammit alexa
idk but i would be VERY afraid if i were her, bitches be crazy
sad, reminds me of jade from the first season kinda
GO GET YOU SOME GIRL(but be careful, he might be an accomplice)
he's apart of our new local prostitution ring, duh
I honestly do feel bad for her tho
WHY!!! i refuse to believe she is dead
FAVE: Vets,Vanessa, Neeta, Laura(RIP),Cameron
Sent by tkoj555,Dec 8, 2017
I think both the seasons I’ve watched are good but yeah it’s good Icarus_Mark
Sent by coolKat,Dec 8, 2017
I think there has to be more than one killer here.
Sent by Ekatherinna,Dec 9, 2017

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