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One Killer S3: Ep4, A Tounge for A Wheel

Dec 5, 2017 by melindaMrskk
- CAST -
TDBigBrotherLover112 - Elizabeth Caldwell (Season 1 & 2) - EPISODE 2
Aoki - Chasty Ballesteroso - (Season 2) - EPISODE 1
Icarus_Mark - Serena Creed (Season 2) - EPISODE 1
Aoki - Viola Washington (Season 1 & 2) - EPISODE 1
Carlyjordan14 - Laura Lopez - EPISODE 1
DJ2722 - Alexa Winters - EPISODE 2
PoohSnap - Brandon Marquez - EPISODE 1
MrBird - Ray Sinclair
Paul028 - Paul McGee - EPISODE 2
Katherinee_ - Vanessa Crystal - EPISODE 1
MrPokeGuy9 - Cameron Murray - EPISODE 1
Tkoj555 - Marina Willis - EPISODE 2
Coolkat - Riayn Brooks
QueenMichelle - Jasmine Ganiev
#Melindamrskk - Jessica Megan
#Melindamrskk - Neeta Saur - EPISODE 3

- DEAD -
#Melindamrskk - Kayla Westbrook - EPISODE 1 - EPISODE 2



Cameron: Are they ladders?
Paul: Was Laura spying on you? Did you tell her you would be here!
Cameron: No! I wouldn't do that to you!
Paul: That makes no sense.
Cameron steps in something.
Paul: Um what's that red stuff on your shoe?
Cameron: What?
Cameron touches his shoe and then looks at his finger to see blood on his finger.
Paul: That's not blood is it?
Cameron: Laura......
Neeta: Alexa get your ego out of your ass and realise that Brandon is a fuck boy who will flirt with anyone with legs, don't think you're anything special you're just a bully.
Alexa: Look who's speaking up, big nose.
Neeta slaps Alexa across the face.
Neeta: Wake up you stupid bitch! No one likes you. Now fuck off you bully.
Alexa holds her cheek and walks out of the shop.
Vanessa: Neeta there was really no need.
Neeta: She needs to get it into her head, that she's not who she is anymore. Me and Marina don't care for her or about her and the same with Kayla.
Vanessa: I get it.
Marina: Then prove it.
Elizabeth: Chasty what are you doing here?
Chasty: It's happening again.
Viola: How do you know?
Chasty: Because Kayla's dead.
Serena: No.... She isn't.
Elizabeth: And it looks like Alexa is next.
Elizabeth shows a picture of Alexa with a circle around it.
Viola: Come on we need to go and find her!
The girls run out of the room leaving one picture left in the room with a picture of Marina with a circle around it.
Vanessa: Paul? Cameron? What's happened?
Marina: Cameron are you okay?
Cameron: It's Kayla....
Vanessa: What about Kayla?
Cameron: She's dead.
Vanessa's face drops.
Alexa: Get out!
Brandon: What?
Alexa: You two face lying cheating scumbag! Marina didn't ask you out on a date! You asked her!
Brandon: No.
Alexa: No no no no! Don't try and talk to me like that! Get out and don't ever come back!
Brandon stands and walks towards the door.
Brandon: You shouldn't do this Alexa.
Alexa: And why not!
Brandon: I can ruin you.
Alexa slaps Brandon across the face, catching his face with her ring, she cuts his face. Brandon walks out of the house. Alexa starts to cry, she sits on her couch and cries into her pillow.

---In This Episode---
Elizabeth, Chasty, Serena and Viola all have a plan to save Alexa and it back fires quickly on Alexa's watch. A familiar face for Vanessa returns to town and causes a commotion on the streets. Cameron's rude antiques lead Paul with a difficult decision.  While Marina faces a life or death situation.


Elizabeth, Chasty, Serena and Viola all run back into the car.

Chasty: How are we even going to find Alexa?
Elizabeth: I dunno! Check her Instagram, Snapchat?
Viola: Or maybe just try her house?
Chasty: And if she's not there?
Elizabeth: That's why I'm saying look for her, on social media!
Serena: Can we just go?

Elizabeth starts her car, and pulls back out of the driveway.


Marina, Neeta and Vanessa all run towards Kayla's house, around her house, tons of police's cars and an ambulance, two guards push a cart with a body bag on top of it, towards the ambulance.

Vanessa: No! No! Kayla!

Vanessa falls to the ground. Marina holds her.

Marina: It will be okay, V. I promise.
Vanessa: How! How will it be okay! Kayla is dead!..... Who would even do this?
Neeta: She had numerous of haters.

Vanessa looks at Neeta.

Vanessa: And you were one of them.

Vanessa gets up and walks towards Neeta.

Vanessa: You hated her! She bullied you for years.
Neeta: Yet I was with you guys all night, remembering what great friends we were.
Vanessa: Your such a bitch, I can't believe I even tried becoming friends with you again!

Suddenly a two girls walk up to the three girls.

???: Oh typical Vanessa, making Neeta look bad, yet again!
Marina: Riayn?
Riayn: Oh hi Marina! Did you miss me?
Marina: What are you doing back here?
Riayn: I thought it would be time to pay a visit! Looks like I came right back on time. Is that Kayla in the body bag?.... Oh such a shame!
Vanessa: You bitch!
Riayn: Oh please Vanessa, your the biggest bitch in this town now!... Well especially now that Kayla is gone. Oh wait, where's Alexa?
Neeta: Who's your friend Riayn?
Riayn: Oh! This is Jessica, she's moving in with me. We became friends back in Florida and I thought I'd show her what a lovely town this is.
Jessica: Already been a murder? Such a nice town R.

In the distance Paul and Cameron walk back into Paul's house. Marina looks confused.

Paul closes the door.

Paul: I can't believe it honestly.
Cameron: I can.
Paul: What?
Cameron: That bitch, used to bully me all the time for being gay! And guess what. I'm happy she's gone.
Paul: Cameron...
Cameron: Now you can finally come out! No one is here to bully you now!
Paul: I don't know.... If.
Cameron: If what?
Paul: If this is what I am.
Cameron: What gay?
Paul: I think it's better if you leave. And delete my number. I shouldn't of done this.
Cameron: Are you breaking up with me?
Paul: We were never together.

Paul opens the door.

Cameron: Your making the wrong choice Paul!
Paul: Am I?

Cameron walks out, Paul closes the door behind him. Cameron gets his phone out and looks at all the pictures of him and Paul kissing.


Alexa sits on her couch in tears. Contemplating her mistakes.

Alexa: Vanessa..


Alexa: So he's not with Kayla anymore?
Vanessa: Kayla was attacked and you don't even care about her? You just quickly got onto her boy!
Alexa: It's not like that... I was already kind of messaging him.
Vanessa: Are you for real? Your supposed to be like Kayla's best friend!
Alexa: What she doesn't know won't hurt her!
Vanessa: And what's bad enough is Brandon tried making a pass at me while you were away! Oh! And he arranged a date with Marina as well.
Alexa: Willis?
Vanessa: That's besides the point! What you're doing is wrong and if you can't see that for Kayla's sake, then enjoy your fuck boy babe.


Alexa: Neeta.... Marina.


Alexa throws a smoothie all over Neeta's head.

Marina: Hey stop that!
Alexa: Awww do you want some too?

Alexa grabs Vanessa's smoothie and chucks it in Marina's face.


Alexa: I need to make this right!

Alexa grabs her car keys, and runs to her car.


Cameron walks down his pathway towards his house. He walks towards his front door to see that it is already unlocked.

Cameron: Hmmm, strange? Laura?

Cameron walks in his house and turns the lights on.

Cameron: Laura you home?

He starts to walk up the stairs, as he gets up mid-way his front door slowly starts to close. He reaches the top of his stairs to see that Laura's bedroom light is on.

Cameron: Laura? You in there?

He reaches Laura's room to see a body laying underneath her covers. He lifts the cover up.

Cameron: Fuck!

He pokes the body.

Cameron: Phew! It's just wax.

A wax model of Laura lays in the bed, with a tape on her "chest" saying "PLAY ME." Cameron presses the button.


"So Kayla was the first one to hit the hay, and guess what I'm already on my way with the next target. Just as soon as SHE gets home, I'm killing her. And yes Cameron, you might think that I am the killer. But no one knows what's coming. THIS. IS. JUST. THE. START."


A light flickers on and off again, a girl with red hair sits in a chair tied up, covered in blood. A black figure walks in the room and spins the chair around. Laura sits tied up with her mouth covered with duck tape, shaking in the chair in fear, the killer tares the tape off Laura's mouth.

Laura: Please! Please! Please! Stop. Ill do anything!

The black figure pulls a knife out and taps it on Laura's face.

Laura: No! No! No!

The Killer cuts something of Laura's off, the room goes silent but blood pours on the floor, as Laura goes unconscious. The black figure holds up Laura's tongue.


Neeta's black ford pulls up to a driveway.

Marina: Thanks for driving me home Neeta.
Neeta: No problem, I bet your shaken from seeing Riayn again.
Marina: Yeah we didn't really end of good terms.
Neeta: Hey, have you heard from Jasmine recently?
Marina: No. I haven't? Mhm, that's strange actually.
Neeta: I might drive over tomorrow and see her.
Marina: I'll come with you, pick me up at 11?
Neeta: Sure!

Marina gets out of Neeta's car and walks towards her front door. A black figure stands in the distance.


Alexa drives behind the roots of Fleetwood Hills, near the old forest. As Elizabeth, Chasty, Serena and Viola all drive in Elizabeth's car as well.

Elizabeth: Are we close to Alexa's?
Viola: It says it's about 10 minutes away.
Elizabeth: Okay so not far then.
Chasty: What if the killer has already gotten to her?
Serena: I think "Tallulah" would of texted by now.
Chasty: Do you really think this is Tallulah.
Elizabeth: No way, it can't be. We all saw Samantha shoot her.
Chasty: I didn't.


Marina walks into her house and is greeted by her cat.

Marina: Hello Fran, is Mom still not home? I guess I'll feed you.

Marina walks into her kitchen and grabs her cat food.


Alexa: Come on Alexa, nearly there.

Alexa reaches 100 mph.


Elizabeth: Are you sure this is the right way?
Viola: That's what it says on the map!
Serena: Just keep going!


Marina: I bet your starving aren't you Franny!

Marina's phone starts to ring. She finishes putting the cat food in the bowl and grabs her phone and answers.

Marina: Hello?
???: Hello Marina.
Marina: Who's this?
???: An old friend.
Marina: And does this old friend have a name?

Marina starts washing the fork she used to feed her cat.

???: Depends, do you still like me?
Marina: Well tell me who it is and I'll let you know.
(In a girls voice): It's Kayla.

Marina drops her phone in shock.

Marina: No, no, no, no!

She looks out her backdoor and see's the killer waving a knife in the air.

Marina: Fuck!

She runs down her hallway, she goes to her front door and notices the keys are gone.

Marina: Fuck!

The killer smashes the back door open.

Marina: Stay away you sick freak!

Marina chucks a lamp at the killer.


Alexa: Okay just two minutes away.


Marina runs up her stairs just as the killer stabs her in the leg.

Marina: Ou fuck!

She kicks the killer in the face. She crawls up the stairs to her bedroom. She looks around for a hiding place, as she turns around the killer tilts their head and kicks their foot into Marina's stomach forcefully pushing her back towards her glass windows falling out of the windows down a 20ft drop onto a marble stone carving piercing through her stomach as the rest of her body dangles down, as blood slowly drips down the carving.


Elizabeth: Okay were nearly there. I can see the welcome sign!
Viola: Serena why did you have to live at this end of the Hills?
Serena: It was a nice house!


Suddenly Alexa's phone starts to vibrate. She looks down at her phone to see "Brandon."

Alexa: Ew fuck off.

She looks back up to see another car crossing the road.

Alexa: Shit!
Chasty: Elizabeth!

Alexa's car pushes into Elizabeth's car leading Elizabeth car to flip over multiple of times landing upside down. Alexa's car falls off the road onto the hill.


Alexa: Uh..... What happened?

Alexa touches her nose, and notices that it is bleeding.

Alexa: For fuck sake!

She pushes her door open, and slowly gets out of her car. She walks over to the main road and see's the other car has been flipped over and notices blood all over the windows.

Alexa: No....

She looks over and see's a body lying on the grass.

Alexa: Fuck!

She runs back into her car, she starts her engine and drives off.


Thought's on this episode?
First impression on Riayn?
Was Vanessa right to call out Neeta like that?
Thought's on Paul leaving Cameron like that?
Thought's on Laura's situation?
Thought's on Marina's death?
Thought's on the Car Crash?
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)
Who's the killer?


Thought's on this episode? Woahhhh
First impression on Riayn? She’s such a bitch. I don’t like her already.
Was Vanessa right to call out Neeta like that? Neeta is an over dramatic bitch that needs to die.
Thought's on Paul leaving Cameron like that? Awks when I think these two are super irrelevant to everything going on. They can take there relationship issues elsewhere.
Thought's on Laura's situation? I’m at a loss of words... get it? Her tounge got cut off..? Ha. Haha.
Thought's on Marina's death? Deserves it. Every friend of Neeta can die.
Thought's on the Car Crash? Brandon fuckin up everything, like bitch stop calling Alexa she dumped your sorry ass. Go fuck Kayla’s dead body nasty hoe.
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s) Favorite: Alexa, Vanessa, Chasty, Serena; Least Favorite: Brandon and Neeta
Who's the killer? I’m still thinkin Laura might be involved, but imma say Paul and Brandon are the killers for right now.
Sent by DJ2722,Dec 5, 2017
Thought's on this episode? Dramatic!
First impression on Riayn? Queen but a bitch
Was Vanessa right to call out Neeta like that? 100% Neeta's a bitch
Thought's on Paul leaving Cameron like that? It wasn't fair for Cameron to be dumped like that rip #Camual
Thought's on Laura's situation? Truly Tragic, he probably cut off he finger im guessing
Thought's on Marina's death? Shocked, wasn't expecting that at all! Thought she was gonna live a bit longer!
Thought's on the Car Crash? It was all Brandon's fault, poor Alexa
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s) Faves: Vanessa. Least: Brandon
Who's the killer? I think Cameron is apart of the killings because of what he said about Paul will regret this has me thinking Cameron was gonna keep Paul safe but will probably target him for breaking up with him
Sent by paul028,Dec 5, 2017
Thought's on this episode? Dramatic would be a great word, but also shocking!
First impression on Riayn? Pretty demented.  In what world is Fleetwood Hills a "nice place"?  And she's a dick, so there is that too.
Was Vanessa right to call out Neeta like that? Oh yeah, she is, but it was god-awful timing considering Riayn came back?
Thought's on Paul leaving Cameron like that? I can see why Paul would leave him after reading that.  Cameron is odd.
Thought's on Laura's situation? Ah yes, I get it DJ2722  ;)  Anywho, I actually feel bad for Laura.  That is Green Inferno level stuff right there when you're cutting off people's tongues.
Thought's on Marina's death? Like paul028, I was not expecting her to die this early, but hey, whatcha gonna do?  I will say the part where she's feeding her cat actually is kinda relatable since I have 2 cats at home.  Hey, maybe the cat survives?  ;P
Thought's on the Car Crash? Yeah, Brandon's a scumbag.  I swear if anyone died in the car crash, I'm gonna jump right into that story and tear him apart myself!  Not to mention that this really sucks for Alexa.
Who's the killer? I still think it's Vanessa.  I just finished Episode 3 right before coming into this one.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 5, 2017
Chasty: Do you really think this is Tallulah.
Elizabeth: No way, it can't be. We all saw Samantha shoot her.

Thought's on this episode? I SERIOUSLY LOVED IT! IT WAS EPICC
First impression on Riayn? Is it a girl? She sounds wicked and sassy - popular girl wannabe. I don't really like her, she is trying too hard and is more extra even than Neeta.
Was Vanessa right to call out Neeta like that? Vanessa is paranoid right now. Her kinda sorta ex-bestfriend died and she doesn't know who she can trust. I understand her.
Thought's on Paul leaving Cameron like that? Paul is paranoid also. He might be hiding something or he is just a coward, we will see.
Thought's on Laura's situation? Laura is an icon! I knew she isn't dead, I love her and I hope they save her.
Thought's on Marina's death? I was HONESTLY scared. Since idk when I haven't felt scared while reading a story. I was genuinely worried about Marina cause I just started to like her :(
Thought's on the Car Crash? EPIC and BRUTAL! I think one of the Fleetwood Four might be dead :(
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s) I love the 4 veteran girls (Fleetwood Four). They SLAY! Also I LOVE Alexa, Vanessa and Neeta. Praying for Laura to survive <3
Who's the killer? Well my theory about Elizabeth being the killer is off. But if there are more than ONE killer, she is certainly a helper/second killer. Maybe she was driving the car slow on purpose.
Sent by Katherinee_,Dec 5, 2017
Thought's on this episode? DAMNNNNNNN that was dramatic now wasn't it!!!!
First impression on Riayn? shes a bitch, cant wait to see her die
Was Vanessa right to call out Neeta like that? yes and no, I mean what Vanessa said was true BUT Vanessa cant talk now can she
Thought's on Paul leaving Cameron like that? PAUL IS A TWAT! I feel bad for Cameron ;(
Thought's on Laura's situation? mate Laura is screwed, praying for her big time!
Thought's on Marina's death? I mean I am sad shes died but I never warmed to her so I'm not too upset
Thought's on the Car Crash? well that was dramatic, looks like an OG cast member is about to bite the dust #PrayingItsChasty
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)
Favs: Cameron, Neeta, Elizabeth, Laura
Least: Brandon, Paul (dump my Cameron like that!) Alexa (but I'm warming to her)
I don't dislike Vanessa but I don't like her either so shes in the middle
Who's the killer? I think Paul could be the killer, just looking at scenarios and stuff. as for the other person, I'm not sure maybe Neeta!
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Dec 5, 2017
Sent by Katherinee_,Dec 5, 2017
Ha Riayn is a bitch. Anyways sucks what happened to Marina still think Laura’s is somehow involved regardless of her condition
Sent by coolKat,Dec 5, 2017

Your taste in characters is so bad... all of your faves are either assholes or irrelevant
Sent by DJ2722,Dec 5, 2017
Bitch but with reason
Sad but you can't pressure a guy in the closet
Lord help her
Sad, honestly a robbed princess, Marin deserved better
Sent by tkoj555,Dec 5, 2017
Car crash was shocking
Fav: vetrans, Neeta , Vanessa, Laura
Least: Brandon
Sent by tkoj555,Dec 5, 2017
DJ2722 oh well that's my opinion, Melinda asked for my opinion so he can give me feedback on it if he wants, thanks babe for the concern xoxo
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Dec 6, 2017
I can give you feedback too hun. Don’t get all snappy with me because I make a comment on your favorites. Don’t try me hoe.
Sent by DJ2722,Dec 6, 2017
DJ2722 not being snappy just stating my opinion that I'm allowed to have babe, if I want your feedback, I'll ask next time how about that
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Dec 6, 2017
How about I say whatever the fuck I want to say? I’m allowed to say my opinion and give feedback whenever I’d like. How about that?
Sent by DJ2722,Dec 6, 2017

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