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One Killer S3: Ep3, The Starting of an Ending

Dec 4, 2017 by melindaMrskk
- CAST -

TDBigBrotherLover112 - Elizabeth Caldwell (Season 1 & 2) - EPISODE 2
Aoki - Chasty Ballesteroso - (Season 2) - EPISODE 1
Icarus_Mark - Serena Creed (Season 2) - EPISODE 1
Aoki - Viola Washington (Season 1 & 2) - EPISODE 1
Carlyjordan14 - Laura Lopez - EPISODE 1
DJ2722 - Alexa Winters - EPISODE 2
PoohSnap - Brandon Marquez - EPISODE 1
MrBird - Ray Sinclair
Paul028 - Paul McGee - EPISODE 2
Katherinee_ - Vanessa Crystal - EPISODE 1
MrPokeGuy9 - Cameron Murray - EPISODE 1
Tkoj555 - Marina Willis - EPISODE 2
Coolkat - Riayn Brooks
QueenMichelle - Jasmine Ganiev
#Melindamrskk - Jessica Megan
#Melindamrskk - Neeta Saur

- DEAD -
#Melindamrskk - Kayla Westbrook - EPISODE 1 - EPISODE 2



The window rolls down and...
Serena: Elizabeth?
Elizabeth: Get in!
The girls grab their belongings and get in the car.
Viola: I thought you said you were never coming back here?
Elizabeth: I could say the same to you Viola.
Viola: Hey....
Elizabeth: Anyways that's not why I am here.
Serena: Then why are you?
Elizabeth passes her phone to Serena.
Elizabeth: I've been getting texts.
Serena: From who?
Elizabeth: Tallulah......
Vanessa: What you doing now then? Because I actually need to talk about something.
Alexa: If it's about Kayla I already know.
Vanessa: How?
Alexa: That doesn't matter.
Vanessa: It's about something else....
Alexa: Okay, let's go for a drive.
Laura: Laura this could change your relationship with Cameron forever. 3... 2... 1...
Laura looks in the window to see Cameron making out with Paul.
Laura: No way!
A scream is heard from nearby. Cameron and Paul stop making out.
Laura: What was that?
Suddenly the ladder gets pushed over and Laura falls down onto the concreate as she lands blood starts forming around her head.
She starts to cry. The Killer slowly walks up to her, waving their knife around.
Kayla: P... P.... Pl.
The Killer stabs Kayla in the stomach then turns the knife in and spreads her stomach open, all her guts and blood starts pouring out of her body, she makes one last scream which grabs the cops attention. The Killer quickly grabs something out of Kayla and runs out the back.

-In this episode-
Elizabeth takes Serena and Viola to a familiar place, where they find some shocking news. Alexa causes a stir in the Coffee shop with Marina and Vanessa. Cameron and Paul find a trail which could lead to something sinister. While Brandon lies his way into a mess.

---EPISODE 3---

Alexa pulls up to her driveway outside her house.

Alexa: Wanna come in a talk about it?
Vanessa: I don't really wanna go in there.
Alexa: And why not?
Vanessa: Alexa. I know Brandon is in there!
Alexa: So he's not with Kayla anymore?
Vanessa: Kayla was attacked and you don't even care about her? You just quickly got onto her boy!
Alexa: It's not like that... I was already kind of messaging him.
Vanessa: Are you for real? Your supposed to be like Kayla's best friend!
Alexa: What she doesn't know won't hurt her!
Vanessa: And what's bad enough is Brandon tried making a pass at me while you were away! Oh! And he arranged a date with Marina as well.
Alexa: Willis?
Vanessa: That's besides the point! What you're doing is wrong and if you can't see that for Kayla's sake, then enjoy your fuck boy babe.

Vanessa gets out of her car and slams the door on Alexa.

Alexa turns her phone on and looks at her home screen of her and Kayla hugging. She grabs her bag and gets out of her car. She walks into her house and see's Brandon sitting on the couch.

Alexa: You okay babe?
Brandon: Yeah... There's something I wanted to tell you.
Alexa: .... Um, okay what is it?
Brandon: Marina tried asking me out on a date.
Alexa: Are you serious?
Brandon: Yeah I thought you should know.
Alexa: Don't worry. I'll handle this. Just enjoy the game babe.

Alexa walks back out of her house.


Cameron and Paul stop making out after the scream is heard.

Cameron: What was that?
Paul: I'm not sure.
Cameron: Sounded like it came from Kayla's house.
Paul: Her dog probably pooed on the floor again, she hates that.
Cameron: How do you know?
Paul: She screams about it all the time...

Cameron puts his jumper back on.

Paul: Oh are you cold? I could shut the roof top window.
Cameron: Yeah that would be good.

Paul gets up and looks at his window.

Paul: Hey that's funny isn't that Laura's scarf?
Cameron: Yeah, what's that doing up there?
Paul: Maybe she's outside?
Cameron: Let's go check it out.

Cameron and Paul walk outside to the back garden.

Cameron: Damn that's a lot of cops.
Paul: Something serious might of happened.
Cameron: Should we go over there?
Paul: Nah, we should leave the cops be.

Cameron and Paul walk towards the back.

Cameron: Are they ladders?
Paul: Was Laura spying on you? Did you tell her you would be here!
Cameron: No! I wouldn't do that to you!
Paul: That makes no sense.

Cameron steps in something.

Paul: Um what's that red stuff on your shoe?
Cameron: What?

Cameron touches his shoe and then looks at his finger to see blood on his finger.

Paul: That's not blood is it?
Cameron: Laura......


Marina sits at a table at the coffee shop. She looks out the window to see how beautiful Fleetwood Hills can be at night, as a girl walks up to the table.

???: Hey Marina are you okay?
Marina: Oh hi Neeta! Yeah I'm fine, what's up?
Neeta: I'm just wondering I haven't seen you with Paul for ages. Is everything okay between you two?
Marina: Oh... Me and Paul actually kind of broke up.

Marina looks down at the table.

Neeta: But, you two were like the cutest couple?! What happened, if you don't mind me asking.
Marina: He just left me, nothing to it. No reason or anything. I... I don't know.

Vanessa walks into the coffee shop. She walks up to Marina and Neeta.

Vanessa: Hey guys, Marina you got a minute?
Marina: Are you sure, you wanna downgrade yourself to me and Neeta again? Since your miss popular now?
Vanessa: Hey... Come on. Were still friends?
Neeta: Friends don't laugh at other friends when they're getting bullied for what they wear, or who they wanna date Vanessa.
Vanessa: I mean, I kind of regret becoming friends with Kayla and Alexa.
Neeta: It's not even that you three bullied Riayn so much she had to leave town. And Jasmine she doesn't even leave her house anymore!
Vanessa: I'm not here to pick a fight, I'm here to warn you Marina.
Marina: Warn me from what?

Alexa's car pulls up to the coffee shop, Alexa storms out of her car into the coffee shop.

Alexa: Oi you shorty.
Marina: What do you want Alexa.
Alexa: Trying to get a date with Brandon are you?
Vanessa: Alex.
Alexa: No Vanessa stay out of it.
Marina: Excuse you?
Alexa: Yeah that's right I know you asked him out on a date.
Marina: Actually he tried hitting on me.
Alexa: Yeah right!
Vanessa: Alex its true he did, I was there.
Alexa: He would never!
Neeta: Alexa get your ego out of your ass and realise that Brandon is a fuck boy who will flirt with anyone with legs, don't think you're anything special you're just a bully.
Alexa: Look who's speaking up, big nose.

Neeta slaps Alexa across the face.

Neeta: Wake up you stupid bitch! No one likes you. Now fuck off you bully.

Alexa holds her cheek and walks out of the shop.

Vanessa: Neeta there was really no need.
Neeta: She needs to get it into her head, that she's not who she is anymore. Me and Marina don't care for her or about her and the same with Kayla.
Vanessa: I get it.
Marina: Then prove it.


Elizabeth pulls up to a house, a familiar house.

Serena: Elizabeth why on earth have you brought us here!

A house stands deep in the trees covered in grass and leaves a dead branches fall over the old house.

Viola: I'm pretty sure Serena doesn't wanna be here anymore.
Serena: I've moved on from this Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: I know Serena but its what inside that matters.
Serena: It's my old house Elizabeth.... It's where Olivia....
Viola: It's okay Serena.
Serena: Viola how would you know! You were supposed to be dead!
Viola: I needed people to think that So Tallulah didn't get to me.
Elizabeth: Right let's just get inside, so I can show you.

The girls get out of the car.

Viola: How do you even know what's inside?
Elizabeth: Tallulah told me.

The girls walk down the path towards the front door, back in the distance a black figure watches.

Viola: So what's in here?
Elizabeth: I'm not sure, but I didn't wanna come alone.
Serena: Let's just do this.

Elizabeth pushes the door open and the girls set in to the abandoned house, in darkness they walk around.

Serena: Oh great there's nothing in here!

Elizabeth's phone buzzes.

"S's Room"

Elizabeth: Upstairs.

The girls slowly walk upstairs. Elizabeth pulls out a knife.

Viola: Really?
Elizabeth: You can never be too sure anymore.

The girls walk into Serena's old room.

Serena: I haven't been in here in ages.
Viola: So what are we looking for exactly?
Elizabeth: Whatever is in that box.

Downstairs the black figure walks in. Serena walks up to her bedroom window.


Serena gets up and looks out the window to see the Killer holding Olivia in one hand and holding a sword from Serena's living room.
Serena: Olivia!
Olivia legs starting gushing down with blood as the killer pulled out all of the nails.
Olivia: Help me…
The Killer raises the sword and swipes a straight cut, right through Olivia stomach forcing her bottom half of her body to fall to the ground, all of Olivia's organs fall out. The Killer lets go of her head and runs towards Serena's kitchen.


Elizabeth: Serena you there?
Serena: Oh, yeah, yeah.
Elizabeth: Okay, let's do this.

Elizabeth lifts up the box.

Serena: What's in there?
Elizabeth: Pictures.
Viola: Pictures?
Elizabeth: Yeah, of all the high school kids.
Serena: Why has this picture of Kayla been crossed out?

The black figure walks in.

Chasty: Because she's dead.

The three girls turn around.

Elizabeth: Chasty what are you doing here?
Chasty: It's happening again.
Viola: How do you know?
Chasty: Because Kayla's dead.
Serena: No.... She isn't.
Elizabeth: And it looks like Alexa is next.

Elizabeth shows a picture of Alexa with a circle around it.

Viola: Come on we need to go and find her!

The girls run out of the room leaving one picture left in the room with a picture of Marina with a circle around it.


Marina, Neeta and Vanessa all walk in the park, towards Cameron's house.

Marina: Vanessa, you didn't have to stick up for me and Neeta back then.
Vanessa: I think Alexa and Kayla have shown their true colours and I don't like it.
Neeta: Well at least you know now. Because whatever comes their way I'm glad for it.
Marina: I mean I understand why you went with them instead of us. They're pretty and popular and got all the attention.
Vanessa: But that's not what I want. I want real friends who have my back and won't backstab me the second they have the chance. I've officially given up on them.

Paul and Cameron come running towards the girls.

Vanessa: Paul? Cameron? What's happened?
Marina: Cameron are you okay?
Cameron: It's Kayla....
Vanessa: What about Kayla?
Cameron: She's dead.

Vanessa's face drops.


Alexa rapidly pulls up the her driveway, quickly gets out and slams her door shut, she storms up to her front door and barges in.

Alexa: Get out!
Brandon: What?
Alexa: You two face lying cheating scumbag! Marina didn't ask you out on a date! You asked her!
Brandon: No.
Alexa: No no no no! Don't try and talk to me like that! Get out and don't ever come back!

Brandon stands and walks towards the door.

Brandon: You shouldn't do this Alexa.
Alexa: And why not!
Brandon: I can ruin you.

Alexa slaps Brandon across the face, catching his face with her ring, she cuts his face. Brandon walks out of the house. Alexa starts to cry, she sits on her couch and cries into her pillow.


A black figure sits at a table, sending a text message. They stand up and walk to a wax figure. They turn the head around to see Laura's head.


Thought's on this episode?
Thought's on Alexa's situation?
Thought's on Elizabeth's scene in Serena's room?
What's happened to Laura?
Was Neeta right in sticking up for Marina?
Thought's on Vanessa's situation?
What's going to happen now that everyone knows about Kayla's death?
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)?
Who is the killer?


Thought's on this episode? It gave me lots of PLL vibes for some reason which i really liked and I was actually motivated and attached to some of the characters and don't want them to die.
Thought's on Alexa's situation? She's kinda shady by stealing Brandon but like I get her reasoning, it just looks really bad.
Thought's on Elizabeth's scene in Serena's room? Obviously Tallulah's phone is being used by the killer?
What's happened to Laura? Pretty sure she's dead haha
Was Neeta right in sticking up for Marina? I think so tbh, Marina seems like a cool girl to me
Thought's on Vanessa's situation? Kinda sucks tbh
What's going to happen now that everyone knows about Kayla's death? Probably they are all going to group together to try and find out who killed her.
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)? I really like Marina and Alexa and I don't really hate anyone yet.
Who is the killer? Honestly I would love a twist where Elizabeth is the killer
Sent by Aydanmac01,Dec 5, 2017
This episode was great- I think the killer is Laura by chance with an accomplice or something idk
Sent by coolKat,Dec 5, 2017
Thought's on this episode? The killings is officially back OMG
Thought's on Alexa's situation? Alexa is screwed. She knew that the nerds were right but didn't want to admit it in front of them because her pride is above the clouds. I feel sorry for her but I think she is a badass and will kick some ass in the future episodes.
Thought's on Elizabeth's scene in Serena's room? I love the four veterans reunited. I'm just thinking that one of them is the killer :x
What's happened to Laura? She can be alive. I mean we saw Rebecca's head but she still appeared again :D #QUEEN
Was Neeta right in sticking up for Marina? Yes. Neeta is bit over the top tho so I think she will die.
Thought's on Vanessa's situation? She choose the better friends group. I think they'll really have her back!
What's going to happen now that everyone knows about Kayla's death? I hope they will get more safe and bring weapons everytime they go out.
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)? I love Alexa, Vanessa and Neeta! Also maybe RIP icon Laura :( my least favorite character must be Brandon tho
Who is the killer? Elizabeth :S
Sent by Katherinee_,Dec 5, 2017
Thought's on this episode? It was good. Like the flashbacks.
Thought's on Alexa's situation? Alexa is your stereotypical badass. She don’t give two shits if she hurts your feelings and she stands up for what she believes in. Personally, I think she’s in a crumby situation being caught in a bad romance (enter gaga pun), but I think she’ll get out of it.
Thought's on Elizabeth's scene in Serena's room? The killer got a hold of Tallulah phone and is using it to harass the vets.
What's happened to Laura? She’s the killer. Idk or care what happened to her I just know she’s the killer.
Was Neeta right in sticking up for Marina? Yes but she is too excessive. She’s over dramatic. Marina can solve her own problems bitch, like sit the fuck down.
Thought's on Vanessa's situation? I think Vanessa is a little hypocritical tbh, she went from fuckin with Brandon to criticizing Alexa for doing the same thing.
What's going to happen now that everyone knows about Kayla's death? More deaths duh
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)? I really like Alexa but she’s gonna die within the next 2 episodes, which will probably be the last episode I read bc I’m petty. I also like Chasty and Serena.
Also, Brandon is vile, and Neeta is too extra; so they are my least faves.
Who is the killer? Laura, Brandon, and Elizabeth possibly??? It’d be a plot twist
Sent by DJ2722,Dec 5, 2017
Thought's on this episode? LOVED IT!
Thought's on Alexa's situation? I don't feel bad for her, she put herself in it
Thought's on Elizabeth's scene in Serena's room? the killer has tallulahs phone clearly
What's happened to Laura? she is being held hostage
Was Neeta right in sticking up for Marina? ABSOLUTELY!!!!!
Thought's on Vanessa's situation? I do believe vanessa is a bit hypocritical but I appearicate the fact she is trying to make amends
What's going to happen now that everyone knows about Kayla's death? shit is about to hit the fan
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)?
favs: Cameron, Paul, Vanessa, Neeta
least: Brandon, Alexa, Chasty
Who is the killer? still no idea
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Dec 5, 2017
Thought's on this episode? Great episode!  :)  I think until Astronomy ends, I'll only be on for the episodes.
Thought's on Alexa's situation? I agree with MrPokeguy9 here.  She did put herself in that situation, and that's what happens when you, you know, hook up with Brandon.
Thought's on Elizabeth's scene in Serena's room? What I would love to know is how Serena's old room still even exists!  I mean, didn't her house explode in the Season 2 finale from Troy's grenade or is that just me?  Nonetheless, it's a nice turning point to let you know the gamer is afoot again.
What's happened to Laura? Actually, I agree with Katherinee_  I totally called last season Rebecca still being alive from the moment she apparently "died" like Episode 6 out of 1600, so this could well be the case with Laura too.  What we HAVE with this situation here is a cliffhanger because we only see her head and the killer.  Her picture was never crossed out in Serena's room.  Only Kayla's.  Nor was she the circled picture in that room, so yeah...
Was Neeta right in sticking up for Marina? And here, I agree with DJ2722!  Neeta was overdramatic af.  I mean yeah, Marina did need to be stuck up for, but Neeta didn't need to be a walrus about it.
Thought's on Vanessa's situation? Honestly, Vanessa, if she survives, will most likely lose every friend she's ever had.  She's lost Kayla and has turned her back on Alexa.  Who's to say these people won't turn their back on her?  Who will she turn to?
What's going to happen now that everyone knows about Kayla's death? To be fair, most likely nothing of progress will even come close to happening until another few deaths happen.  I mean, think.  Only one person has been killed thus far.  Yes, Fleetwood Hills is now well-known for killings thanks to the first 2 seasons, but here's the thing: you're most likely still not going to get anywhere with just one victim.  That's why the clues won't start to show up until after another few deaths happen.
Who is the killer? So far I see everyone saying Elizabeth, which makes me think it won't be her.  Also, Laura hasn't been killed yet AND Vanessa showed up at Kayla's house uninvited during the "fake attack", so for those reasons, maybe we should look at Vanessa.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 5, 2017

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