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One Killer S3: Ep2, The Blood Begins

Dec 2, 2017 by melindaMrskk

Aoki - Chasty Ballesteroso - (Season 2)
TDBigBrotherLover112 - Elizabeth Caldwell (Season 1 & 2)
Icarus_Mark - Serena Creed (Season 2)
Aoki - Viola Washington (Season 1 & 2)
Carlyjordan14 - Laura Lopez
DJ2722 - Alexa Winters
PoohSnap - Brandon Marquez
MrBird - Ray Sinclair
Paul028 - Paul McGee
Katherinee_ - Vanessa Crystal
MrPokeGuy9 - Cameron Murray
Tkoj555 - Marina Willis
Coolkat - Riayn Brooks
QueenMichelle - Jasmine Ganiev
#Melindamrskk - Jessica Megan
#Melindamrskk - Neeta Saur
#Melindamrskk - Kayla Westbrook


Chasty: Will I have time to run?
Troy: You won't even have time to walk.
Chasty: Well, I guess this Is it.
Troy: Yes, it is.
Troy lets go of the grenade and drops it to the ground. Chasty hugs Troy.
Chasty: I actually wish we did get married.
The grenade explodes, the house breaks apart, fire breaks through the glass, just as the cops arrive. Bricks fly out to the back garden falling around Olivia's body parts. Troy and Chasty both die in the explosion.
Samantha pulls a gun out on Tallulah
Suddenly Pink Heels steps out and aims a gun at Samantha.
???: You ain't going anywhere bitch.
Elizabeth looks up in complete shock.
Elizabeth: Viola….
Viola: Hi Elizabeth, surprised to see me?
Elizabeth: But, but, but Tori killed you…
Viola: That's what I thought, but not until the doctors kept me alive and told no one about it.
Elizabeth: That's why Proxie said you killed Adam for revenge.
Viola: Because he tried to rape me, you still remember. Now, Tallulah, now I know you're the killer I'm going to need you to come with me.
Samantha: No she ain't going anywhere, expect from prison.
Viola: No, she's coming with me.
Kayla gets escorted into the car and the door closes behind her, just as her phone goes off. She pulls her phone out and reads the text "Your a liar, no one can survive a attack from me. You'll see me very soon for the real thing." Kayla looks up in fear, as the car drives past a news reporter, reports live.
Laura looks confused, just as her phone starts buzzing. She looks at her phone.
"Want to know where Cameron will be tonight? Go to 5 Tennyson Avenue, Westport.
Laura: That's next to Kayla's.....


Laura finally finds out about Cameron's secret but it takes a sinister turns for one of them. Brandon's antiques are rubbing off badly for Vanessa as she finally loses it. A shock return leaves Serena and Viola speechless when they hear some bad news.

---EPISODE 2---

Kayla sits at the end of the bed staring at her phone reading all her texts messages over and over again. She gets up and stares at herself in the mirror.

Kayla: Your a liar. A attention seeker. Your a bitch.

A smash is heard downstairs, Kayla turns her head to the left.


Serena sits in her chair in shock as she looks at Chasty.

Chasty: Did you miss me? (walking to her chair)
Serena: But... But...

Chasty smiles at the principal.

Chasty: Sir could you just give us a minute.

The Principal looks confused.

PG: Of course, I'll see the two of you later on.

Principal George leaves the room.

Serena: Chasty your supposed to be dead?
Chasty: No listen here bitch. After the explosion none of you came back to check on me. I was left in a coma for 3 weeks and none of you came to check on me because you're all self centred as fuck.
Serena: What.... We thought you was dead? How did you even survive.


Serena, Kyle and Samantha all run out of the house, into the forest.

Troy: You should of left with them.
Chasty: Troy, why?
Troy: You know why.
Chasty: Please, just come with me.
Troy: Chasty, I can't be here anymore.
Chasty: Tro-
Troy: Go.
Chasty: What?
Troy: GO!

Chasty starts to walk away in shock, she see's Troy drops the grenade she starts to run, she gets to the bedroom window as the house explodes Chasty falls from a 20ft ground onto the floor.


Chasty: He let me live, because he was hiding something massive.
Serena: What?
Chasty: I would only tell a real friend.... And you. Your just a bitch.

Chasty walks out of the room. Serena looks down on herself.


Cameron walks down the school hallway talking on the phone.

Cameron: Yeah, Yeah I coming. Don't worry Laura won't be there. It's all under control.

Laura comes running behind Cameron and jumps on his back, where he drops all his stuff and breaks his phone.

Cameron: Watch yourself!
Laura: Woah- I'm sorry.
Cameron: Just leave me alone.

Cameron takes his stuff off Laura and walks outside.

Laura takes her phone out and reads the text.

Laura: Let's see what your up to tonight Cameron.


Vanessa stands at her locking putting all her books back in before heading home. She see's a picture at the back of her locker. She pulls it out and see's a picture of herself, Kayla and Alexa. She smiles, just as her phone buzzes. She pulls it out and reads the text.

"Imagine they knew what you'd done."

Vanessa looks at the text in shock just as Brandon comes up behind her scaring her.

Brandon: Boo!

Vanessa jumps.

Vanessa: Brandon! Ugh! You idiot!
Brandon: Woah, calm down.
Vanessa: What, what are you doing here?
Brandon: Coming to see if your okay...
Vanessa: We can't keep doing this.
Brandon: Doing what?
Vanessa: With Alexa out of town and the things that are happening to Kayla, it just isn't the right time.
Brandon: Are you serious right now?
Vanessa: We all know your with Kayla yet you're texting me and Alexa. It just isn't right.
Brandon: Fine, just so you know..... You'd better watch your back if you don't want those to finding out.
Vanessa: Are you threatening me....

A girl walks past the pair, and Brandon looks her up and down and walks over to her.

Vanessa: Seriously?

Vanessa shuts her locker and walks off.

Brandon: Hey Marina, your looking good.
Marina: Gee thanks, but aren't you with Kayla?
Brandon: Who?

Marina laughs

Brandon: My place tomorrow at 8?
Marina: I'll see you there.

Marina walks off smiling.


Cameron walks out of the school, pushing past people arrogantly, followed by Laura walking quietly past people.

Cameron gets into his car and slams his door, followed by Laura getting in hers a few cars near him and she closes her door, waiting for him to set off.

A car pulls up to the entrance of the high school, just as Vanessa walks out of the school.

Vanessa: Is that?

Alexa steps out of the car and looks at Vanessa with a big smile, as Vanessa runs to her.

Vanessa: Alexa!!!
Alexa: Hey baby!

The girls hug.

Vanessa: It's so good to see you again!
Alexa: I know! I'm so glad to be back
Vanessa: What you doing now then? Because I actually need to talk about something.
Alexa: If it's about Kayla I already know.
Vanessa: How?
Alexa: That doesn't matter.
Vanessa: It's about something else....
Alexa: Okay, let's go for a drive.

The girls get in the car, in a distance Brandon stares at the pair.


Serena and Viola sit at a table in a coffee shop, gossiping about recent events.

Serena: So did you hear?
Viola: About what Chasty or Kayla?
Serena: Both, if its happening again Viola I don't know what I will do.
Viola: But people are saying she's faked it, so maybe it's not?
Serena: I really doubt she was faking it, Kayla doesn't seem to be that type of girl?
Viola: Well if it is happening I don't think they would target us again since, there's only three of us back from the past?
Serena: Yeah about that, have you spoke to Chasty?
Viola: I didn't even get to meet her, I don't know her. I thought she was dead.
Serena: Yeah she was a bit bitter sweet about that?
Viola: What do you mean?
Serena: She was-

Just before Serena could finish a car pulls up to the girls. The window rolls down and...

Serena: Elizabeth?
Elizabeth: Get in!

The girls grab their belongings and get in the car.

Viola: I thought you said you were never coming back here?
Elizabeth: I could say the same to you Viola.
Viola: Hey....
Elizabeth: Anyways that's not why I am here.
Serena: Then why are you?

Elizabeth passes her phone to Serena.

Elizabeth: I've been getting texts.
Serena: From who?
Elizabeth: Tallulah......


Cameron pulls up on the road next to a house, right next door to Kayla's which is covered in police officers.

Cameron: Glad I ain't Kayla.

Cameron get's his phone out and text's.

"I'm here"

Cameron gets out his car and walks towards the front door. A few moments later a black figure runs past Cameron's car as another car pulls up a few cars behind.

Laura: Time to see what you're really up to Cameron.

Laura get's out the car and slowly walks towards the window.

Laura: Ugh I can't see anything please don't tell me I'm gonna have to climb up to the roof!

Laura walks around back, and sees some ladders to reach the top.

Laura: Ugh! Laura it will be worth it..... Hopefully.

Laura steps on the first step, and another then another. She reaches the top and can finally look through the roof window.

Laura: Laura this could change your relationship with Cameron forever. 3... 2... 1...

Laura looks in the window to see Cameron making out with Paul.

Laura: No way!

A scream is heard from nearby. Cameron and Paul stop making out.

Laura: What was that?

Suddenly the ladder gets pushed over and Laura falls down onto the concreate as she lands blood starts forming around her head.


Kayla sits at the end of the bed staring at her phone reading all her texts messages over and over again. She starts typing a text.

"I love you Brandon." she sends the text.

She gets up and stares at herself in the mirror.

Kayla: Your a liar. A attention seeker. Your a bitch.

A smash is heard downstairs, Kayla turns her head to the left.

Kayla: Oh god, oh god! It's okay Kayla the cops are outside, I'll be fine.

Kayla slowly starts to walk out of her room, she looks over her balcony.

Kayla: You can do this....

She starts to walk down the stairs. She starts heavily breathing.  She reaches the front door, she looks out the window to see all the cops are still out there.

Kayla: That makes me feel better.

Kayla lays back on her front door, she notices something, she looks deeply into the kitchen to see the mask killer standing there. A little fire is heard and a neck tier wraps around Kayla neck chaining her to her front door.

Kayla: Uh.....

She starts to cry. The Killer slowly walks up to her, waving their knife around.

Kayla: P... P.... Pl.

The Killer stabs Kayla in the stomach then turns the knife in and spreads her stomach open, all her guts and blood starts pouring out of her body, she makes one last scream which grabs the cops attention. The Killer quickly grabs something out of Kayla and runs out the back.


Laura's body lies cold..... suddenly her body gets dragged away back into the forest.


Thought's on this episode?
Thought's on Chasty's Behaviour towards Serena?
Thought's on Elizabeth's return?
Thought's On Brandon's and Vanessa's Scene?
Thought's On Kayla's Death?
What's going to happen to Laura?
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)?
Who's the Killer?


Thought's on this episode? loved the episode, great balance of drama and plot development!
Thought's on Chasty's Behaviour towards Serena? salty bitch, but still some truth to what Chasty was saying
Thought's on Elizabeth's return? Elizabeth has an agenda which we will find out soon enough
Thought's On Brandon's and Vanessa's Scene? Brandon is such a fuckboy, karma is gonna hit him soon
Thought's On Kayla's Death? shocked cause I thought shed get a few more episodes, however I really wanna know how the killer got in the house with police all around it
What's going to happen to Laura? I just pray shes ok, probably gotta get held hostage
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)
favs: Cameron, Paul, Serena, Vanessa
least: Brandon and Chasty
Who's the Killer? no idea, obviously I cant say Cameron, Paul or Laura if theres only one killer but who knows
Sent by MrPokeguy9,Dec 2, 2017
Thought's on this episode? Amazing!
Thought's on Chasty's Behaviour towards Serena? Iconic
Thought's on Elizabeth's return? Queen
Thought's On Brandon's and Vanessa's Scene? Brandons an ass and Vanessa is a slut sorry.
Thought's On Kayla's Death? Tragic.
What's going to happen to Laura? Laura is gonna live
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)? Fave: Laura Least: Brandon
Who's the Killer? I bet you its Brandon!
Sent by paul028,Dec 2, 2017
Thought's on this episode? It was really good.
Thought's on Chasty's Behaviour towards Serena? She’s definitely bitter towards everyone for leaving her to rot, but I think she’ll realize everyone really thought she was dead.
Thought's on Elizabeth's return? She brought a lot of suspense with Tallulah.
Thought's On Brandon's and Vanessa's Scene? Brandon is such a fuckboy. He’s gonna die.
Thought's On Kayla's Death? It’s definitely gonna add a lot of emotional tarnish to everyone, especially Vanessa and Alexa, since they’re her best friends.
What's going to happen to Laura? I think it’ll be something similar to what happened with Tori in season 1.
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)? I really like Chasty and Vanessa. I would say Alexa bc obvious reasons but she hasn’t gotten much airtime so.
Who's the Killer? I think there is more than one killer. In fact, I see a team of killers like something you’d see in PLL, which consists of Laura, Chasty, Alexa, and possibly Brandon.
Sent by DJ2722,Dec 2, 2017
DJ2722 Alexa has a story-line coming up based on what Vanessa tells her in the car
Sent by melindaMrskk,Dec 2, 2017
Loved episode Can’t believe what happened to Kayla- how did the killer even get in

An poor Laura hope she’s ok probably not though
Sent by coolKat,Dec 2, 2017
Shocking, thought she'd last longer
I'd be pissed to, can't lie
I wonder why she's a target when she wasn't even in town
Sigh, these girls
Poor Kayla
Hope Laura is okay
Sent by tkoj555,Dec 2, 2017
Thought's on this episode? OH MY GOSH GIRL THAT WAS INTENSE!! Also I love the previously section, I remembered Chasty and now she is an icon!
Thought's on Chasty's Behaviour towards Serena? It's totally deserved!
Thought's on Elizabeth's return? Uhm I noticed Tallulah too?? Elizabeth is suspicious tho! She could've gone crazy by now
Thought's On Brandon's and Vanessa's Scene? Vanessa is a nice girl. He is a manwhore!
Thought's On Kayla's Death? I can't believe that just happened. Alexa is suspicious!
What's going to happen to Laura? I think she is an icon spy queen. I hope she survives!
Favourite & Least Favourite Character(s)? I like Laura, Chasty, Vanessa and Alexa in this episode. I dont like Brandon tho, he is a nasty bitch!
Who's the Killer? Elizabeth :x
Sent by Katherinee_,Dec 2, 2017
I'm back for now!  Let me just say for right now, had I not seen Serena's name come back, I would still be gone.  I will post my thoughts in a separation blog as well as my own happenings.
Sent by Icarus_Mark,Dec 2, 2017
loved the ep! i'll answer the q's in a bit
Sent by PoohSnap,Dec 3, 2017

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