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im actually not joking

Aug 1, 2017 by maxiphone27
how do non-musicians express themselves
literally the only way i can truly express myself is through playing/singing music


by that i mean in the purest sense
obviously i can communicate in ways through music, but it's not a pure form of self expression
Sent by maxiphone27,Aug 1, 2017
i bitch about raven
Sent by klaus828,Aug 1, 2017
frooks is how I express myself
Sent by vansreborn,Aug 1, 2017
ways *instead of music
wow i'm drunk
Sent by maxiphone27,Aug 1, 2017
Are you autistic?
Sent by izluca,Aug 1, 2017
izluca actually, i'm not!
if you read the blog and also my first comment, you will understand that i'm making a difference between communication and expression.
If i'm angry, I can say "i'm angry." I can describe it, i can describe why i'm angry, I can even write poetry about my anger. But it's not an expression of anger; it's just a description. Descriptions are great for communication! But if i'm trying to actually take how i'm feeling and create a thing that actually represents the emotion, the only avenue I have is music.
Not everyone is a musician, so I'm wondering how other people express, rather than describe, their emotions.
Sent by maxiphone27,Aug 1, 2017
That was really extra, boo
Sent by izluca,Aug 3, 2017

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