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  1. oh neat i'm a skeleton now
  2. It's time to start my campaign
  3. I'm going to be honest here
  4. Er
  5. ok actually tho quick q
  6. PYN 2 join my stars premade
  7. My celebrity crush is Evan Rachel Wood
  8. Nothing ever changes
  10. I thought to myself,
  11. whoa
  12. I have returned for the moment
  13. A few quick updates on my life
  14. Ok what the FUCK
  15. should i join your frat
  16. Hello World!
  17. whenever someone says they're a dentist
  18. Yike
  19. in all seriousness
  20. honestly
  21. is 2nd place in my first game of risk good?
  22. Holy fucking shit the eclipse was insane
  23. oh wow
  24. i am two semesters away from my masters
  25. i cant believe a brown level negged me
  26. im a follower
  27. Every player I've played Stars with:
  28. Bible Study
  29. all heterosexual sex is rape.
  30. it has now officially been over a year
  31. who wants to join my stars premade?
  32. Who is the most attractive BB hg ever?
  33. haha wow
  34. I am funny
  35. jenzie is genderfaking
  36. instead of paul
  37. dan has the best average
  38. i am not watching this season
  39. im actually not joking
  40. also piano > every other instrument

also piano > every other instrument

Aug 1, 2017 by maxiphone27
I can play WHATEVER I WANT (even arrangements of songs/pieces that do NOT have piano) and not need anyone else to do so
also if you're into classical music I HIGHLY recommend Nimrod (written by Edward Elgar). It's part of the Enigma Variations and wow


omg hey stars bff
Sent by rawr25,Aug 1, 2017
@loopulle is into classical music if i remember correctly
Sent by maxiphone27,Aug 1, 2017
oh rip @ that ban

rawr25 i know that's kind of sarcasm but idc HI
Sent by maxiphone27,Aug 1, 2017

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