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oh neat i'm a skeleton now Apr 28, 2019
also throwback to when this website dragged my name through the mud for dropping my math major to become a music teacher and i was told i would never get a job! those comments didnt age well
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It's time to start my campaign Jul 30, 2018
Tengaged has a multi problem. They're evil, they ruin everything, and some, I assume are good people. I propose building a firewall to keep them out. Vote #Modiphone27 on your ballots this August! #MakeTengagedGreatAgain #TradeWarWithZwoop #NoCollusion
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I'm going to be honest here Jul 24, 2018
Seeing admin reverse their decision on banned stars is a good sign for this moderation. It shows that they are willing to listen to the tengaged public and possibly change their mind when it is shown they may have made a mistake. While it is always better to avoid a mistake, it's also important to give credit where it's due.

Hopefully this is a new era in tengaged moderation where the mods will actually LISTEN to the public.
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Er Jul 23, 2018
Why did I have to answer like 5 different questions about which pictures had vehicles in them to log in
I get it's to prevent bots but like 5 different times? really?
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ok actually tho quick q Jul 18, 2018
is new moderation banning competition cheaters? if so this may mean my *dramatic* return to survivor
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PYN 2 join my stars premade Jul 18, 2018
the list so far:
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