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  1. oh neat i'm a skeleton now
  2. It's time to start my campaign
  3. I'm going to be honest here
  4. Er
  5. ok actually tho quick q
  6. PYN 2 join my stars premade
  7. My celebrity crush is Evan Rachel Wood
  8. Nothing ever changes
  10. I thought to myself,
  11. whoa
  12. I have returned for the moment
  13. A few quick updates on my life
  14. Ok what the FUCK
  15. should i join your frat
  16. Hello World!
  17. whenever someone says they're a dentist
  18. Yike
  19. in all seriousness
  20. honestly
  21. is 2nd place in my first game of risk good?
  22. Holy fucking shit the eclipse was insane
  23. oh wow
  24. i am two semesters away from my masters
  25. i cant believe a brown level negged me
  26. im a follower
  27. Every player I've played Stars with:
  28. Bible Study
  29. all heterosexual sex is rape.
  30. it has now officially been over a year
  31. who wants to join my stars premade?
  32. Who is the most attractive BB hg ever?
  33. haha wow
  34. I am funny
  35. jenzie is genderfaking
  36. instead of paul
  37. dan has the best average
  38. i am not watching this season
  39. im actually not joking
  40. also piano > every other instrument


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oh neat i'm a skeleton now Apr 28, 2019
also throwback to when this website dragged my name through the mud for dropping my math major to become a music teacher and i was told i would never get a job! those comments didnt age well
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It's time to start my campaign Jul 30, 2018
Tengaged has a multi problem. They're evil, they ruin everything, and some, I assume are good people. I propose building a firewall to keep them out. Vote #Modiphone27 on your ballots this August! #MakeTengagedGreatAgain #TradeWarWithZwoop #NoCollusion
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I'm going to be honest here Jul 24, 2018
Seeing admin reverse their decision on banned stars is a good sign for this moderation. It shows that they are willing to listen to the tengaged public and possibly change their mind when it is shown they may have made a mistake. While it is always better to avoid a mistake, it's also important to give credit where it's due.

Hopefully this is a new era in tengaged moderation where the mods will actually LISTEN to the public.
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Er Jul 23, 2018
Why did I have to answer like 5 different questions about which pictures had vehicles in them to log in
I get it's to prevent bots but like 5 different times? really?
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ok actually tho quick q Jul 18, 2018
is new moderation banning competition cheaters? if so this may mean my *dramatic* return to survivor
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PYN 2 join my stars premade Jul 18, 2018
the list so far:
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