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  21. Horny and craving
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  33. It's almost 2020
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  40. How does it feel being 83


4thNov 14, 2019 by maturo
12 AM on November 14th 2019... He is celebrating BAY BAY! Adulthood BAY BAY! Today is a very special day for one Electric as he celebrates his 18th BDay! Here are what the friends he has left on tg have to say to him

ItsAlexia - YAY alfina. happy birthday !! i hope you have an amazing day, you鈥檙e a super sweet guy and i miss us being close. i hope u get all the items ur heart desires & u spend the day with people u love :)

lexeyjane - happy birthday Michael! u are a sweetie and I hope u have a good day YAY

Colter - Happy birthday Alf, thanks for all of our conversations we鈥檝e had together, happy 18th birthday! <3

IceBeast - Happy Birthday Alf! We haven't talked in soooo long, but I remember having some good times with ya! Miss you and hope you have a fantastic birthday!

fetish - Happy 18th birthday buddy :)

Petro - happy bday hope ur not 12 anymore n that ur enjoying fresh air rather than sitting on tg making 2000 multis love u


It seems like it was just yesterday we were both in the rebels and you won the stars raffle when you were only 13. In reality that was over 8 years ago and a lot has changed since then. We both dipped our hands into the multi cookie jar and we both found success in it. Inevitably we had to face off a couple times and although there was a little bad blood I have nothing but the upmost love and respect for you and I hope you have a blessed day, week, month and year.

CheapCheep - Happy 18th Alf! Know it's been a while since we've talked, but you've always been a good friend and someone who made my time on Tengaged worth while. Here's looking at you kid :)

boicam77 - Happy bday Alf Michaelf Pablo! Miss talking to you! Have a great one monsieur!

Dear michaelalf1474443,
Wow I鈥檝e known you for so long and had no idea you were still existing as this evil electric spirit until like a week back.

You were one of my favorites like 5 years back( I thought you were probs 18 then whoops). You were funny, kind, caring & sweet and one of the best tribe mates I ever had. I really don鈥檛 remember what brought us close for that brief period of time cause it feels like lifetimes have passed since then. But I will always remember you for being one of the best.

Hope you have a great 18th birthday. Kisses & Hearts

Nathan Mizelle was too busy taking care of his hair to send a happy birthday message, sorry.

EliOrtiz1234 - Happy Birthday Alf! wow cant believe you are finally turning 14 this is a big day for the jean mansion. jk but really you are one of my best friends from this site and its crazy how long weve been so close. from trolling games like EM and frooks to creating our jean group youve always been so loyal and fun to be around. hope you have a great day and hope you like this message from our friend

me - Well fuck bro I remember you when you were 11 years old and I thought you were a fucking robot because you never went on calls but were so funny. Turns out the reason you hadn't gone on calls is because your voice was higher than the top of the Empire State building. You and I haven't really been through what they call "Hell and back" together because for years and years we have been at each others sides and have been like 2 peas in a pod. From roblox to toontown to calls up until 7 in the morning. You have been there with me! Mildred W. Bush would thank you very much for being such a lovely human being. This is going to sound so gay but I am so glad I watched someone I considered one of my best friends throughout the years grow into a super mature young adult. My man I promise one day I will get out to Philly and we can go to the Phillies game and watch Harper go 0-4 with 3 strike outs and a ground out. Thanks for dealing with my shitty attitude and constant bipolar episodes. You are a true friend and I wish nothing but the best for you as you enter adulthood. (remember to stay away from blowout scratch tickets, they are a rip off)


omg happy birthday :)
Sent by Akeria,Nov 14, 2019
happy borthday
Sent by LovelyKiss,Nov 14, 2019
Sent by CiTy,Nov 14, 2019
Thank you so much! <3
Sent by Electric,Nov 14, 2019
<3 Electric
Sent by Colter,Nov 14, 2019
electric is Alf? That explains a lot. Oof.
Sent by zachbbs,Nov 14, 2019
electric is Alf? Haven鈥檛 talked to Alf in like 4 years either way but yeah
Sent by KrisStory,Nov 14, 2019

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