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  1. perks of being my stars ally
  2. can anyone help me gift
  3. i enrolled 9 multis into castings
  4. name someone better
  5. Now what do I do for the next 5 weeks
  6. This was a great week
  7. show me screenshots
  8. Alright, come on...
  9. Just bought ts
  10. my thoughts on the Dan situation
  11. who wants to give me 20$
  13. +100
  14. add me on skype for a good time
  15. Just sold my dog on eBay
  16. I have never used a multi.
  17. It is almost 2020
  18. Can you TECHNOMIKE me?
  19. I exposed them all. I won.
  20. Horny and craving
  21. Horny and craving
  22. What were stagecoaches like?
  23. LovelyKiss = girl
  24. I need a date to tengaged prom
  25. My thoughts on the jury music video
  26. You can block my number
  27. I have diarrhea
  28. +100
  29. My titles
  30. every tg girl ive ever liked
  31. I have aids
  32. a classic priced cheap.
  33. It's almost 2020
  34. Is anyone supporting me in stars 906?
  35. not trying to be sexist or anything
  36. I am depressed again
  37. Tag a loyal king
  38. imagine having Mr Tatz as a teacher
  40. How does it feel being 83


1stNov 8, 2019 by maturo
imageI will now perform giving the unfortunate truth to the spanish people of

Maybe people would fucking like you if you tried to interact with us instead of speaking in ur own macarena language only 3 people understand... You keep rookies games waiting for weeks and you guys are all douchebags (minus adee7 and mancebo)

just because you are all mysteriously hot for some reason doesn't mean you can walk around acting like you own the place

maybe if u treated .es with a little bit of respect and didnt do the same unfair shit you're doing here on there then it would still be up and running BUT NO YOU GUYS ARE STILL CHEATING!!!!

so sit down and eat ur fucking chalupas and get the churro out of your ass and realize that YOU GUYS ARE THE PROBLEM

thanks and goodnight

edit: acceptthis and Krissin are kings


Sent by mbarnish1,Nov 8, 2019
r u coming out (mysteriously hot)
Sent by Yonaka,Nov 8, 2019
The crap in the trash.

I have bought designs that were for sale in stores. End.

Sent by Donuts,Nov 8, 2019
Some of them are vile
But some of them are just putas, like Acceptthis
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Nov 8, 2019
you guys are all douchebags (minus adee7 and mancebo)

Sent by mancebo,Nov 8, 2019
Thanks love maturo <3
Sent by krissin,Nov 8, 2019
krissin is my favorite :*
Sent by Minie,Nov 8, 2019
Sent by Russell11,Nov 9, 2019

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