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  1. perks of being my stars ally
  2. can anyone help me gift
  3. i enrolled 9 multis into castings
  4. name someone better
  5. Now what do I do for the next 5 weeks
  6. This was a great week
  7. show me screenshots
  8. Alright, come on...
  9. Just bought ts
  10. my thoughts on the Dan situation
  11. who wants to give me 20$
  13. +100
  14. add me on skype for a good time
  15. Just sold my dog on eBay
  16. I have never used a multi.
  17. It is almost 2020
  18. Can you TECHNOMIKE me?
  19. I exposed them all. I won.
  20. Horny and craving
  21. Horny and craving
  22. What were stagecoaches like?
  23. LovelyKiss = girl
  24. I need a date to tengaged prom
  25. My thoughts on the jury music video
  26. You can block my number
  27. I have diarrhea
  28. +100
  29. My titles
  30. every tg girl ive ever liked
  31. I have aids
  32. a classic priced cheap.
  33. It's almost 2020
  34. Is anyone supporting me in stars 906?
  35. not trying to be sexist or anything
  36. I am depressed again
  37. Tag a loyal king
  38. imagine having Mr Tatz as a teacher
  40. How does it feel being 83

i am truly sorry

Nov 7, 2019 by maturo
but if you are leaving the website because people were mean to you in a rookies game then you don't belong on in the first place :L

but if ur friends with tarag i can understand the trauma


No one was even mean to “him” LMFAO i-
Sent by RedFabFoxy,Nov 7, 2019

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