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sorry for ranting AGAIN

Aug 13, 2019 by maturo
but my family are probably the most unmotivated people ever. The only person in my family who eats healthy is my sister and day after day she stuffs it down our throats saying we need help. I am trying to get that help by telling my family I want to join a gym but my sister goes on a 20 minute spiel about which gym is good and which gym is bad and I frankly don't give a fuck. I just want to be at a gym. My mom won't reply to my texts or even respond to me face to face when I tell her that I want to be healthy and my dad spends most of the day at work avoiding all of us LOL

I need to make a change but unfortunately no one will let me do it and if I do it alone then they will all be mad


you do what you want to do. you don’t need approval, you’re an adult. let them be mad
Sent by lexeyjane,Aug 13, 2019
Skype me.
Bengalboy gives good advice too.
Sent by Danger,Aug 13, 2019
I go to Planet Fitness, and they are really good. A really good idea for a gym is one that not only has workout equipment, but one that has classes too. Do it without them.
Sent by pinkiepie512,Aug 13, 2019
^ It aint that deep
U can lit get in shape just by doing push ups and running LOL.
But if u want to build a lot of muscle, THEN I'd recommend a gym. I remember when I started going to the gym my shoulders were weak cuz push ups don't workout shoulders so I had a muscular chest but weak af shoulders LOL.
NOW I can do 20+ pull ups tho :)) so my shoulders def caught up.

But ye if u wanna just get in shape (not be a bodybuilder) honestly everything's really obvious. Any1 who complicates it either doesn't know what they're truly talking about or is a legitimate bodybuilder and is trying to make u into a bodybuilder as well when it ain't that deep to most ppl, since most ppl just wanna lose some weight and feel good LOL.
Sent by Danger,Aug 13, 2019
danger me at 'get in shape' with push ups and running lmao girl you're probably one of those scared gays who can't man up to do hip thrusts in the gym or have to face the wall
Sent by KatarinaDuCouteau,Aug 13, 2019

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