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  1. I am a huge fan
  2. Hey, I am flippy from Toontown!
  3. Matthew09 needs to be President
  4. Julie Bullock is better
  5. are we all just gonna sit here
  6. Just bought a raffle ticket
  7. goodnight everyone
  8. Listen here megan from 1984
  9. Had a near death experience...
  10. this was taken seconds before tragedy
  11. my friends moms name is Eileen
  12. Lovelykiss is dead, we barbecued her head !
  13. I hope I get a bakini for Christmas
  14. I came on Eileen
  15. Anybody wanna call and discuss our feelings?
  16. I would never joke about your family.
  17. mbarnish1 really thinks I'm JoshGotti
  18. Word Association: Round 2
  19. this game should be half over
  21. Just drank a red bull
  22. me to every girl on tengaged
  23. Nothing annoys me more
  24. this just in
  25. LovelyKiss = LeakingGiraffeAnus
  26. Jocelyn Kayla Orocho.
  28. I want a triangle bakini
  29. I predict tomorrow
  30. Us, [the tengaged public]
  31. all the female designs in shops...
  32. Bored, in a snowstorm [PYN]
  33. Am I cute?
  34. daily reminder
  35. I may be fatter than you
  36. me sheeping fighterman in survivor
  38. I've lost endless respect for you.
  39. [OFFICIAL] top 5 songs to sing along to
  40. This is how Epic Mafia should be played

Whether or not

1stJul 17, 2019 by maturo
imageMultis were used, who gives a fuck?

I’ve cheated multiple people out of potential wins before so I am getting a taste of my own medicine LMAO


I’m so annoyed you shouldn’t be getting evicted
Sent by Kelly2722,Jul 17, 2019
This osounds so wise
Sent by iiVoloxity,Jul 17, 2019
Not to mention you know I would never use them and diminish a win, which is probably why I never will win.
Sent by KrisStory,Jul 17, 2019
You go!
Sent by thekendyldiaries,Jul 17, 2019
@ me next time
Sent by etaco75,Jul 18, 2019
Sent by IceBeast,Jul 18, 2019

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