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  24. i was involved in a fisting accident
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  38. someone fill this game with multis
  39. can you hunt in survivor please?
  40. it's almost like


Jul 9, 2019 by maturo
@tessabrooks came for me yesterday and today gets banned

randomize doing lords work


I mean but at least it鈥檚 a real person
Sent by Eilish,Jul 9, 2019
A real person who was hacked ^
Sent by tonyalbright,Jul 9, 2019
Sent by Letal,Jul 9, 2019
no racism on my blog therefore your comment was removed eilish
Sent by maturo,Jul 9, 2019
It was literally Bryan jones coming for you lol
Sent by EyooMarcus,Jul 9, 2019
EyooMarcus no the actual person tried coming for him in a Skype chat yesterday
Sent by Sameed27,Jul 9, 2019

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