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  1. No one cares
  2. someone post
  3. Am I seeing things
  4. i have a riddle
  5. thinking about leaving tg for good
  6. getting a shop friday
  7. OMG YAY
  8. can someone gift lifeiscool
  9. Heather
  10. honestly
  11. did i tell u about my dream the other day
  14. picture of my mother
  15. PYN
  16. kelly0412 here and I'm here to say
  17. pray for me
  18. when I had a meetup with cole
  19. list of tengagers
  20. this website
  21. I am thinner than you
  22. better keep spamming
  23. tag a king
  24. Larry becton ruined my birthday
  25. and a very special thanks
  26. 30 people who mean a lot to me
  27. Just incase you didn't know this
  28. aw I wanted to play your stars
  29. 328 days ago
  30. here is a picture
  31. I have to go
  32. does my avi look like John Popper
  33. I too, leave the website
  34. hmmmmmmm
  35. I just farted ridiculously hard
  36. You’re STILL online?
  37. im so fking gay
  38. grats in advance
  39. yessssssssssss
  40. how have you managed

i have an idea

Jun 14, 2019 by maturo
lets ban birks4444 from strategic games because honestly that little brain of his could benefit from something a bit less stressful and difficult like a shapes puzzle


Sent by EyooMarcus,Jun 14, 2019
I'm actually a very smart individual and this is really weird coming from someone who I've played only 2 games with, one of which you were only in for 12 hours. I'm sorry you're upset you were turned on.
Sent by Birks4444,Jun 14, 2019
+++ though, I think you want the attention and recognition. Have a wonderful day!
Sent by Birks4444,Jun 14, 2019
Sent by DaddyDev,Jun 14, 2019

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