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  1. I think its actually hysterical
  2. it smells like ass in this bathroom
  3. how are you
  4. peach coke 10/10
  5. Is this sad?
  6. imagine going through life
  7. just ate food
  9. trump wont be reelected
  10. Anybody want my autograph?
  11. What A Proud Mama I Am
  12. Pic of me joining stars Saturday
  13. I hate find me
  14. *nuts on Leah*
  15. Can I use the grease in your hair
  16. AntonB
  17. GUYS
  18. My cortana doesn’t work anymore
  19. I really played an extremely well social game
  20. How does it feel to beat obesity?
  21. Haven't had a gifting shop in months
  22. Hey guys
  23. Help me vote in stars
  24. I’m joining stars today
  25. the priorities of a grownup
  26. For the past 4 years
  27. I see "fuck boston"
  29. I’ll gift you again
  30. If I join survivor
  31. Birkaran.
  32. I have to poop
  33. Joe Pati.
  34. i found
  35. anybody here
  36. I stand with kelly and nicky.
  37. The biggest racist on tengaged
  38. if anybody needs me
  39. anybody here
  40. there are some people in this world

let me be real for a second

May 23, 2019 by maturo
even though I had some choice words to say about nexuscain before and during the game, this guy was probably one of the easiest people to talk to in any of my stars games. He was by far the least stressful, nicest and most upfront person in the game and in any game I have ever played. I truly from the bottom of my heart apologize for saying the things I said to you and I hope we can be friends post this game :)

gl in the poll man


game needed drama that day and we both got a better edit from it lol...End of the day its a game I dont take any of it to heart we good...Plus anyone with a cute puppers cant be all bad :)
Sent by NexusCain,May 23, 2019
Ok but how am i bad like i don't know how this game fucking works yet how am i cheating
Sent by thefox111,May 23, 2019
One of the most chill dudes on the site hands down
Sent by astone929,May 23, 2019

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