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1stMay 22, 2019 by maturo
I’ll name a tengager I dislike and my reasoning behind it

30 • TaraG - we were friends one day until she had a bipolar episode she never recovered from and mailed me saying we aren’t, wont be and basically never were friends. Also she’s 3 times my age and cares what I have to say :/

60 • BrunoMiguel - I don’t even know what I ever did to make him want to come for me in the first place but it’s been a long lasting feud between us for a while.

90 • rozlyn - A terrible human being who tells people not to judge him based off his past yet he does the same to everyone else. Newsflash, Lance, your “past” is still your present

120 • Steven999 - has made numerous blogs about other tengagers dead family members and celebrities issues + tragedy jokes yet he expects sympathy when he loses someone. I don’t like that

150 • Juliann - Decided to target me in survivor over a game that had ended 4 months prior to it and his reasoning was that I blindsided him with a vote. He then went on to namecall me in his alliance chat. I’ve since tried to let bygones be bygones with this person but he wants no part of it. Must suck to be a terrible person! He then created a frat with his friend a week later which states “for people who don’t take tengaged games too seriously”

180 • ShaneDawson12345 - IDK who this person is but they are extremely annoying and clog up the blogs page 24/7 with stupid shit that no one cares about.. especially because he didn't spell half the words in the sentence correctly

210 • jenzie - Always brings up my past yet must've forgotten that the things she did to me were just as bad. An attention seeking human being who fails to realize that 30lbs of makeup doesn't fix a god awful personality.

240 • WhateverTheF - Apparently he filed a police report against me last winter because I negged his blog and put him on suicide watch? I don't know the full details but this guy is an emotional wreck and I truly hope he is at 40 days rn because he is getting the professional help he needs.

270 • Shadowman - It's unfortunate considering I thought her and I never did each other any wrong and i thought we were friends until I made a comment on a blog that... I guess didn't sit well with her since she called me a pedophile upon other names and never apologized for it. I hear she stands by what she said too. It sucks because multiple people come after her over things she can't control and who she wants to be and I always had defended her.

300 • gagaluv - Not sure where we stand at the moment but she got all on my case and basically was proud of the fact she harassed me since my friend hacked a bunch of accounts without me realizing it and then went on to tell everyone I was the one who was hacking. Some friend I guess!

330 • charopanda - I am running out of people atm but I wanted to include this one here because it was so fucking funny I couldn't even be in a group chat because he didn't want me there and everytime I got added to said group chat, he would leave. I say he because IT IS A MAN.

360 • Chameleon777 - I feel like Heather just tries to fit in so much that she thinks with her ass and then everytime something stupid comes out, she blames her disabilities for it and then its just a classic repeat over and over again

390 • Cakelikeevv - I didn't even know who this person was until they were camping outside my shop and made a purchase from it and then proceeded to brag about it as if him and I just despised each other LOL

420 • Rosemaria - I just feel genuinely scared of this person like he is an obvious predator and people don't notice it... He flirts with any living thing with a dick and when the flirting isn't reciprocated (aka about 95% of the time) he will harass them nonstop until a new victim is found.

450 • Tammy2144 - Just straight up annoying as fuck and I feel like you can't even hold a conversation with this person without him talking about how he is in love with #WhateverTheF and how it'll never be reciprocated

480 • MoneyShot - I love the classic mindless sheep who will do anything for a female and then deny the fact he only talks to females even though he takes pride in the fact he is a huge "flirt" also btw ur singing voice is horrendous and people only listen to make fun of it.

510 • nikki101 - I am still running out of people so let me tag someone who has been inact for so long but literally can't even handle being a counter in stars without making things personal LOL

540 • scottmaster2 - Everytime he blogs, chrome gives me the "translate page" extension and it is so fucking annoying I just want to throw my laptop out a window


i stan for this
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Be NICE to Julian, Joe.
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Am I relevant enough to be on this?
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You don't even know me plz tag me
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